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Full Version: Scenes of Halloween Spookiness [Calling STs]
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Hey guys! I know that Halloween is a few weeks away yet, but I'd like to put out a general call for storytellers who are interested in running some Halloween-themed one-shots this month.

I am planning to run something myself, but I know that a lot of folks get really inspired by Halloween and I thought it might be really cool if we made it, like, a thing. What I'm thinking we could do is basically have each ST schedule a one-shot at some point during the month, and then players can have a few different scenes to choose from - hopefully during different scheduling blocks so that everyone who wants to play gets a chance to do so. Different themes would be cool too. Maybe some can be more fun/light-hearted where others are creepy and/or dangerous.

If a lot of STs volunteer, I think one scene each would be good. If it's just a couple of us, we could maybe do a couple scenes each. Whatever ends up working out best. In particular, I'd love it if someone could run something during daytime hours and/or on the weekend, so the players who have that availability will get to participate.

So how about it guys? Who wants to run a thing? Smile

[Edit: And just to clarify, no one needs to feel obligated to do any more than they're comfortable doing. So if that's just one scene with two people in it, that's totally fine. If it's a giant 8-person brawl, that is also okay. You do you, man.]
Dibs on running a not-dangerous daytime and/or weekend scene. Call it a palate cleanser since I'm going to go on a rampage here soon.
I will probably also do something. My life is largely a chaotic mess right now. so I might just grab whoever is around at some point rather than scheduling.

We already know I pretty much run non-lethal. This might even be kinda fluffy and fun. Smile Or creepy. Look. Who knows.
Woo! Thank you guys!

I think I am going to run my scene on the evening of the 30th (unless someone else wants to take that day - I'm not married to it.) As of now I can say it will be more on the creepy/scary end of the spectrum, but I'm not sure yet if it'll involve combat. I think I'll wait and see what else is going on and what people are in the mood for before I decide that. I'll open a sign-up when we get a little closer to the date. It'll probably be limited to 3-4 people.

I don't really have a preference for when or how you guys decide to run your scenes, other than that we try to space them so they aren't all right on top of each other. And hopefully also that different people will get to play (assuming they want to.)