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Being A Compilation of IC Locations That Are Important To The Game
(& Are Not Elysium, Temple, or Anarch hang)

Got one? Got one that it might be nice to just know about or that other people might play in when you around around? Post a description here in this format.

Associated PCs/NPCs:
History of Note:
Things To Know:


Name: Go Nuts Donuts

Location: Federal, maybe? Near one of the police departments but not too too near, just where the neighborhood is kind of questionable (Observe: you can be vague about the Location if you haven't actually looked over Denver's neighborhoods. The WoD is more crowded and grittier anyway!)

Associated PCs/NPCs:

* Jack the Nosferatu. You probably won't see him around.  NPCish PC or PCish NPC. Played by Tithe.
* Molly the Nosferatu. There's this lady (?) who really likes hoodies (or maybe she's a burn victim). PC. Played by Kenna.
* Greg Wilce. He works four days of the week and he's the best baker there is. Seriously: his doughnuts are a poem. He's also the manager and owner, usually has flour somewhere about his person, gives off an air of world weary-confidence. Demeanors: Confidant, Soldier, Survivor. Wanna know more? Roll Intelligence + Streetwise, diff 7, or Intelligence + Politics (Camarilla), diff 8. NPC run by Tithe. 

Security: Level 2. Want to scope out the place? Contact the Admin.

Description: 24/7 Donut Shop shaped like an L inside with what seems to be a large back kitchen. The place could use a paint job, the walls being run-down and the awning a faded green that barely remembers what it was to be green. The floor is tile, usually quite clean. Decoration is bare bones, and there's a corner where the security mirrors don't reach. The alley way behind the Donut Shop sometimes has a couple of people living in boxes, because everybody knows (Streetwise roll, or Street Influence roll) that if you're down on your luck/homeless there are free donuts on Tuesday mornings (especially for anybody with an interesting story to tell). The clientele is a mix of people who can barely afford donuts, police (both corrupt as f' and not), other street people, and high kids desperately in need of food.

History of Note: Go Nuts Donuts was formerly John's Doughnuts. It's been in operation for upwards of 50+ years and the current owner/manager (Greg) is the son of the guy who went before. A famous murder in the 60s occurred on its front doorstep.

Things to Know: 

* The bathroom is almost always out of order. 
* If you're acknowledged Camarilla, it's known that if you want to contact a Nosferatu you can tape an envelope any time to the bottom of the post office across the street from Go Nuts Donuts and you'll be contacted soon. If you want to be more direct, you can go in on a Tuesday and leave a message with whoever is working the counter.
* Looking for employment? Sure, Go Nuts Donuts is occasionally hiring. Inquire within. Night shifts available.

Status: Free for PCs to use, w/ a note afterward. 

Final Note: if you do make use of somebody else's location and it looks like you're about to Blow Things Up, pause the scene and get in touch with them or me. If you're scoping out somebody else's location in a sneaky-sneak fashion, DEFINITELY get in touch with me.