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Full Version: Storytelling Alex's Rescue *READ*
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Hey guys,

Here are the scenes I would like to run.  I wanna get these done pretty quickly and will try to keep them short and sweet.  Obviously some have to happen before others, and I may be willing to handwave them and/or handle them via dice rolls if necessary, but I am going to try to keep them short and sweet.

Grace - Grace covers her tracks and gathers information.

Nicholas/Kiara - some sort of spirit questioning / quest / info gathering thing.

Kalen/Sera - scrying to see if they can find a technocratic ally and then Kalen / Sera / Pen - seeking out / negotiating with the ally.

Sepulveda / Kiara with support from the others - RESCUE ALEXANDER (??)

This one I may or may not do:  Sepulveda / Kiara / Margot / Ned / Sera / Pen - fake a body / stage a flame-out (with assistance from Annie and Sasha) / scrub the timeline clean of traces of their presence - Concurrent with or after the rescue.

Could people for the first three scenes please chime in vis-a-vis availability in the next week (and anyone who can be available this weekend god bless you that could be perfect).  

For a Nick/Kiara scene, I could be available anytime on Sunday after about 1.

Unfortunately right now I'm pretty flat-out trying to complete a research paper so I'm not sure that I will be able to do this weekend (though if I make better progress than I assume, that could change). As for next week! I think I can safely say the best bets for me are going to be probably Wednesday through Friday and that weekend (the 12-13th). But I am open to trying to do stuff via forums or email if it helps, too.

I sadly just can't promise super speedy replies atm. *shakes fist at assignments*
Assignments come before RP for sure. I will try to grab you and Andrew next Wednesday / Thursday maybe? And then perhaps you and Jamie next weekend.

So I will focus on getting the other scenes done sooner. Smile
As far as immediate scheduling goes, I am available tonight, and also Sunday (all day long).

Other than that, next week I am not going to be around Tuesday and Friday, but basically any day I can do any time, as I am still working from home. Also, I don't even mind a scene with nothing but dice rolls and results. Some people like STing the hacking, some do NOT, and that's okay :]
So! This next upcoming week I'm available after 6:30 (EST) (closer to 7). I might be available earlier on Wednesday and Thursday, or just Wednesday. I work this weekend and will be home around 9 on Sat, but on Sunday might be out way way later. Basically: it's evenings for me or bust. Can try to be somewhat flexible.
As we're talking availability... I know mine isn't that important until the part of actually springing Alex, but just so you know when I'm about for the next few weeks until I get to see the evil daystar again:

(Maybe the 8th) 9th
(Maybe the 1st, maybemaybe the 7th, maybe the 11th and 12th)
That sounds good re: Wed/Thurs. Smile

I have to sling drinks the 18th and the 19th so I won't be available until at least 10pm Eastern which is like noon the next day Melbourne time. Sunday I can be available at whenever until whenever but that's Monday in Future Land.

So I'm seconding forums/email as an option if the three of us can't bend time and get into a room.
IIIII would prefer not to do anything in the forums/via email, so if I cannot get you two together I may devise a reason to separate you and handle things Kiara and the doctor somewhat individually. I am also willing to extend this a bit into next week but yeah: would like to be able to get y'all all wrapped up!

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