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Full Version: The Cabal that Doc and Margot Refuse to name but Ned has a Bakers Dozen for (No Joke)
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"In the new house, we're going to need a Nihilistic Robot butler named 'Ivan'..."
 "Don't name it! You'll get attached to it!"
"Anything you call it turns into a name, you know."
*Beep Boop Beep* "Attachment is a false premise, meant to distract us from the ever encroaching truth of death."
*sigh* "I'm going for a walk."
"Did you have to make it sound like Ben Fuckin' Stein?"
 "It helps with the drinking..." *drink*

~Par for the Course~

Leadership: Sort of depends on who is around. Sometimes science. Sometimes witchcraft. Sometimes 'What does this button do?' It's not a complicated decision making tree with this lot.

  • Dr. Andres Sepulveda (Disciple, Son of Ether, Bizzaro Mr. Fantastic)
  • Margot Travers (Initiate, Verbena, The Calm Half of Carrie)
  • Ned Gaites (Initiate, Disparate, Puzzle Enthusiast)
  • William Holmes (Disciple, Order of Hermes, Existential Russian Roulette)


Lots of Weird. None of it good. Alcoholism, Paranoia with a splash of Rick and Morty.

Places They Can Be Found:

[*]The House beyond all Reason (Aurora, to be specific)


[*]To approach their Traumas and Circumstances with a healthy dose of sarcasm, blunt force denial and apparent library binge moments. Also: Tequila.
[*]Figuring out how best to fit in without actually needing to fit in. 
[*]insulting people without meaning to (Hobby)
[*]Disobeying every Horror Movie trope in the book.
[*]Sorting through past mistakes while finding ways to make new ones.
[*]Leaping headlong into the abstract space of 'Fuccckkkk' without looking first.
[*]Cake. Never a lie.

Cabal Resources:

Library 5
[Image: Margot-42_1.jpg]

Margot Travers


The Smart One
Most Likely to Cry
Just Wants to Read
Will Fight U

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Of Margot...

"You see how much better your plans are when you leave those two at home?"
-- Andrés, to Margot, referring to Ned and Will

Margot is still on the cusp of adulthood. In the triptych lauded by the people who gave Andraste her name and visage, she is still a maiden. Maidens are called upon to fight in times of dire need.
-- jamie, while STing Margot's Initiate Seeking

[He s]wipes a hand down his face before clapping it on the side of Margot's face. "You're a good kid, Margot."
-- Andrés, after Margot talked down a vengeful Kha'vadi in their basement

"...You have to make yourself right first before you can fix it."
Spoken like an inevitability. Like she would.
-- Ned, to Margot, about the mess she left back East


Of the Cabal...

"He likes to pretend we're not really a cabal sometimes, but he's still invested, and still available, and still helps.  The first real actual Mage that Ned and I met, and he couldn't leave us hanging like lost laundry out in the rain-- taught us what we need, took us through our first Seeking...  Doesn't live with us anymore, but he's still there.  Which is good, I was worried at first, when he'd left.  I mean, I've seen the devastation that the rest of us fall to without his help.  Plus, he's got all those demons to fight."

"Ned's been there from the very beginning; he's the first Mage I recognized for who and what he is.  We've been together since. --what?  No!  Not like that!" The witch blushed and flustered. "Like, in the cabal, supporting and learning and taking care and all of that.  He's vigilant and sharp and steady.  There's never been a time I haven't seen him willing to just put up his fists and hope for the best, facing whatever it is we're facing, even when we're wildly overwhelmed and underequipped.  It's very bold, but stresses me all the same."

"He's one of the most honest, earnest, genuine, wide-eyed and haphazard human beings I've ever met.  A summer kind of soul-- it's a shame that the world he's born into is such a rainy December one.  Will's capable of great things, and I think that's kind of obvious when you look at it and him right... but I don't think he believes that, and it makes me a bit sad to see and realize that.  I'm glad he's living with us now, in our Cabal, though...  His insight is great, and I was a little worried for his well-being before, too."


Of the Rest...

[to be continued]

The Doc -

"I used to think I needed an adult in my life. Someone to help steer me toward a better future or a brighter tomorrow. Representative of the fact my continuing isolation after the accident, was bound to lead me down the road to dementia. I can safely and comfortably say after having met the Doc and been his apprentice, that that is a load of horseshit and adults are fucking insane. Still....if I had to be mentored by anyone, after hearing and seeing and listening to what other mages have had to say? I'd do it again. In a heartbeat..."

Margot -

"Little sister. There, I said it. Especially now. After everything. She got a raw deal in the mail and no time to pick up and get it back together, So...yeah. Hurt her, I'll kill you and burn the corpse if only to save you the trouble of making it onto her list of people to curse when she gets around to learning more about voodoo dolls. It'll be a favour and you'll owe me one..."

William Holmes -

Sigh. "You know if I had known the first time I met this guy, after all the other shit I have his name associated with second-hand, that my first reaction was going to be to invite him to join us, I may have taken up heavier drinking ot an opium habit. As it is, it helps me keep an eye on him and I need that for peace of mind. So does he, I think."


Nick -

"This guy. Part of me feels like he's got something in mind for that brighter and better tomorrow but...only if we're all like him. Thinking and feeling and being like him and that's....just not possible. I wish him the best. I honestly want to know more about how he sees the world but...Different roads, I think. Different messages."


"War, met thunder and called it a Light Brigade. Nice hair, great legs. Oh don't look at me like that..."


"...I am not a Vampire. Also, vampires don't exist. Also, fuck the Technocracy. Also: they are not listening, shut up!"
Ned's Contributions


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Doc's contributions
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Doc's opinions
Kiara: What? Shut up.
Margot: *glug*
Ned: *glug*
Will: Pain in the ass.
William has opinions! About things!

Dr. Andrés Sepúlveda: He's the cantankerous old man who yells at you to get off of his lawn but then gives you weird practical gifts because it's not like he can actually come out and say he likes you. He's still yelling at me to get off his lawn, but Sepúlveda is solid enough to be an emergency contact. Other than that, I don't think he actually knows what my legal name is or really anything about me beyond what my blood type is and whether or not I'm an organ donor. 

Ned Gaites: The first and most notable conversation I had with Ned is the one in which he called me an idiot, threatened to kill me, and then invited me to the cabal. I've concluded that this is pretty much just Ned, and he's good on his word. I like that.

Margot Travers: She's like a trainwreck. Not to say that she's a mess, but rather that she feels like gruesome and bloody carnage that you can't look away from and it's all wrapped up in wide eyes and insight. Margot actually listens to me, but that is because I've got months of actually talking to her. Friends listen to each other.


Other people:

Grace Evans: Grace has seen me go from a hot mess to an older, scarier hot mess. She mistakes being a leader for being a tyrant, or that being a leader makes you automatically assume you are better than everyone else. There's no telling her that, though- and since she doesn't see herself as a tyrant she won't take the full responsibility of being a leader. 

Nick: Half of Pen-and-Nick. He's a really, really nice guy. I mean, really nice. And really chill. I seriously can not imagine him ever being mad at anything; he's the kind of person I would want to kill me if I needed to be removed from the cycle so it's good that he's a Euthanatos. 

Pen: My fencing buddy, my fellow adventurer, the poet who meets with me in armoires and isn't afraid of diving head first into things. Pen is what a Flambeau is supposed to be, and I wish I had known her sooner than I did. I would gladly be her second any day. 

Kiara: We haven't gotten drunk and gone out cave diving in awhile. It's been a long time, but we've seen some pretty awe-inspiring and world-shattering things together. I don't think I've seen her since even before I was initiated, though- one of those friendships that just move and people go in separate directions. I wouldn't mind converging again. 

Alexander: So. Damn. Serious. 


What he's bringing to the table

Library: 3
Resources: 2

Entropy: 1
Forces: 2
Life: 2
Matter: 2
Mind: 2
Prime: 3
Spirit: 2
Time: 3
[Effective October 31st, until further notice...]

Due to recent events, the entire main Study of the Cabal House is now afflicted with the following Resonances and Effects:

Charged (Temperamental): Noticeable (3 Degrees)

There is a sense of unhinged electricity, like sudden sparks around a gas leak. The hint of danger around a powder keg. The air is charged and one can almost feel the tension pushing back against the skin and bones. Static electricity is ever present and the sense of something hovering overhead, unseen but ominous lingers.

Feral (Elemental): Noticeable (3 Degrees)

Prey and Predator instinct. A keen awareness of sensory input and the raw sense that control is maintained by a leash and not by reason and rationale. Hair raises and nerves fray.

Encompassing (Stabilizing): Subtle (2 Degrees)

The yawn of vastness, a sense of the insignificant and a grander scheme. Every light is a pinprick in an open valley and there is nothing but space in all directions. Wide, open, inviting and humbling.

Paradigms Opposed: Scientific, Centered/Calm, Focused.

Paradigms Supported: Primal, Experimental, Zealous.