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Full Version: mage: the scheduling
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Alright kids:

[Image: tumblr_nppmzkIK2G1t5u8jso1_500.gif]

I want to know when everyone's available, how often we want to get together for ST'd scenes, whether forums play is a viable option for people, etc. etc.

We've got less than six months for everyone to submit a character and commit to at least one scene a month, as I will be vanishing in July to go promote this dumb novel I wrote, so if we could get the boring "when are we going to actually make this happen" nonsense out of the way before February 1 so we can start blowing shit up, that would be great.

Let me know what day(s) of the week you're available, and the maximum number of scenes you're willing to commit to per month. I personally don't want to run more than two scenes a month, bc I'm trusting you guys will come up with enough mayhem on your own to keep each other busy, but if y'all want to commit to one night a week being an open RP night or someone wants to take turns guest STing or whatever, you have my blessing.

Any other thoughts/questions/suggestions/whatevers you have, let's hear them.
I am free on these days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday.

I may be free on these days, usually alternating: Friday, Saturday.

I can do all the scenes per month! Mmmyes.

I would love an open RP night.

Suggestions: Have the crepes place not serve pickle soup ever again. Why does everyone like it?!? It doesn't parse! It's like cilantro -- why do people keep shoving chemical waste / soap into their mouths and calling it 'fresh'? D: D: D:
I've got to say, I looked over my schedule and laughed until I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying anymore.  C'est la vie.

The easiest thing would be to break down my work schedule:

Tuesday through Saturday
12:45pm to 9:15pm

These times I'm utterly unavailable, but the plus side is that I take the train to work and that's an hour-and-a-half ride one way, so for the hour and a half prior and following those times I'm able to hop on and hash shit out in a live environment.  Most things outside of that will likely need to be in forums or email scenes for me, unless I can get a decent enough heads up when the scene wants to be scheduled to set some time away to not have family or social obligations tying me up.

Realistically, I can probably do about 3-4 scenes a month; provided we can be forgiving with assuming or summarizing the ending every here or there so long as we got the important bits out of the way first.

Cheers you crazy cats!

Okay, I'm available Sunday-Wednesday, 5:30 - 11:30 CST. I can do alternating Fridays and Saturdays as well

I can do a minimum of 1 scene per week. I can definitely commit to 2/week.

Emails are okay, but as for the forums I am slow and a space cadet (sorry, loves). I can also do live talkings and we can summarize that way.

Heather, you beautiful bitch.
Kenna's the beautiful bitch, she totally mentioned it!
Gurl, I just said 'live environment'.  Skype was all you!

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[Image: trying-to-make-plans-like-s-m-t-w-t-8648256.png]
LOL until I get done with revisions for this stupid novel Mondays are out for me, since right now Monday/Tuesday are the only days I have requested off from work. And then they will be going bye-bye as my days off bc I'll be opening my availability once the galleys go to print.

We tried! That said I still think we should at least try to dart around at some point or write these fuckers' solo adventures because why not?
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