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Full Version: Schedules?
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Hey folks, I am hankering for some serious RP goodness but I think we've all got some weird schedules. What's everyone's availability?
I've been missing open RP too. I'm gonna be slammed next week or two, unfortunately (my grandpa just passed), but when that settles down I'm usually around in the evenings, CDT.
I'm about to swing to seeing daylight again, but could do some evening play if it would match up with people's free afternoons..?
I, as always, am up for anything nearly any time.

Every other Saturday and every other Friday I have a thing. Other than that, I am totally free in evenings CDT, and can even swing mornings and afternoons if we schedule it in advance.
Sorry to hear about your Grandpa, Damon! <3 Hope things are okay, dude.

Also - look! Not dead, me. Wow. I am tentatively setting my foot back into the RP pond a bit to say - I'm hoping I'll have more time/muse to play a little, soon and weekends likely work best for me but I can occasionally swing afternoons (US evenings) depending on how busy things are.

Missed you awesome nerds!
Soooo, I'm starting a job with rotating shifts soon so I will try and hit up people ASAP. I look forward to playing with you all again!
Now hoping your shift pattern and mine match up at some point. :p
I can be around weekdays/evenings. I need some characters to play first.
I too miss some open RP! I am usually around in the evenings, MST/site time.

And if anyone is working on WtA characters, I'll be keeping an eye on that for approvals' sake.
Rotating shifts are still being buttholes, BUT! I finished my first day on the floor and will have my first full day at work on Friday. Oddly enough, I'm tired but also super energized and feeling good about things. I'll try to post some for a playdate at some point!