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Full Version: Upcoming Absence
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Hey! I looked to see if there was a generic thread for this and didn't find one. I just wanted to sort-of note in advance that I'm going to (probably) be gone and sans internet during the latter half of August. I know, I know, that's still half-a-month away, but given how quickly the game can move and how I know that's around moot-time, I figured might as well do it while vacation arrangements are on my mind and I'm suffering through some hardcore insomnia.

- Tithe
What! >:(

Actually, have fun. :) I am mostly here to take advantage of your post and note that I'm away next week and am frantically preparing to be away this week so I am moderately away already. It is not HALF OF AUGUST though.
I'm also gone (probably, mostly? Depends on if I bring the laptop and how much people let me use it) the week of the 5th. But I'm generally less than active in the summer, anyway! Just sayin', if you want scenes with me in the near future, it should be this week.


http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ to all of you!

I am mostly kidding. Have fun doing the things that you are doing, whatever they may be.
I'm going up north to live in the lap of luxury approximately a football field away from a Pretty Good Lake (not to be confused with a Great Lake, but one that is connected to Lake Michigan). There will be pictures, for those interested!
While we're on the topic of vanishing in August, it looks like I'll be moving around the weekend of the 17th (from the East Coast to near an actual great lake! Which I can see from the window of my new place!). There will be some time that I'm too busy to be about depending on how much packing I can get done before the last minute (the drive alone takes up most of a day, so there will definitely be some time I am gone regardless), and likely a couple days I have no internet connection.

After that, I start school on the 4th of September, at which point my schedule gets weird; but I'll still be around, just not near-constantly like now when school is out and I'm only working ten hours or so a week.

I hope those of you vanishing for vacations enjoy them!

Not so much an absence as a BIG SCARY RISKY DECISION THAT I'M FOLLOWING THROUGH ON HOLY CRAP - the biggest volunteer ambulance corps in the county has adopted me. *noisemaker* New member orientation is Friday night after I get off of work. They're going to pay for my EMT-B refresher course on the condition that I volunteer for a year afterwards.

Speaking of: the EMT-B refresher course starts on 9 September and runs until the NYS practical exam on 19 December. That bad boy is 6PM-10PM Monday and Wednesday with the occasional Saturday session although I have the option of testing out of everything between the sixth session and the written exam on 11 December. Which I'm going to pass. And then come back in 2014 all WHAT UP BITCHES I'M AN EMT AGAIN TIME TO GO GET MY PARAMEDIC LICENSE WOOOOO.

So yeah. Don't mind me if I'm acting like more of a hyperactive weirdo than usual for the rest of the year.


Woo! CONGRATS, Jamie! That is some seriously awesome news. Good luck!
Thats awesome Jamie! I wish you the best of luck with all that!