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Full Version: hey jamie!
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Tell Jess she's not your boss and put up a picture of Nate's kitten.
holy shit, so cute. that pic singlehandedly mashes like 99% of my cute buttons. a baby animal, who is a mammal, who is fuzzy, who is tiny, who is curled up, who is sleeping. also, an orange cat. i think the only way this could destroy my brain with cuteness more is if it was a golden retriever puppy instead. and even that only wins by a naaaarrow margin.
I no longer have any pictures of your kryptonite. However...kitten cuteness to melt any remaining brain...in spades....


Damon why would you tell me your weakness you know I'm an irresponsible Ragabash.

[Image: Golden-Retriever-Puppy-6.jpg]