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Full Version: Still lurking
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I haven't forgotten you all, but still waiting on my tax return so I can buy a new CPU. The IRS flagged it as fraud because the social security office hadn't sent over record of my name change and my gender marker was different. I have a whole rant planned for my next advocacy seminar. But soon I'll have student loans, so hopefully I can play with you all soon.

Miss you, dude.
Oh man, that is some serious bullshit. I'm sorry you have to deal with that. :/

That said, I am still all kinds of psyched to play with you again, and I hope things work out with the computer soon! Ee!
Classic IRS.

Give 'em hell, Andrew. That is definitely some serious bullshit.


Good luck and sympathies!


Guys! GUYS!

I have a new computer. I built it by myself. It is beautiful.

But most importantly, I can RP again. So watch the gallery and keep an eye out for my character submission. <3


*grabby hands*!