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Full Version: I AM HOME ZOMG
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Dear god, it's been a long time since I was that long without regular access to computer/internet that wasn't reliant on phone or tablet. And typing on either sucks! But, for those of you into such things, there are lots of pictures on FB. And now I'm here, so! Changeling questions, things that my characters know that I don't yet, etc! Feel free to hit me up.


Yay, welcome home, Court!

*prepares to overwhelm you with an Evans sibling status update*
Heh heh heh.
Welcome back! We should RP some time. Smile
We totally should! The next couple days, the husband unit is MIA so I can, in theory, be on later than usual. And by 'later than usual', I mean I'll still probably go to bed around midnight EST, there just won't be the couple hours of TV between computer and pillow. So if that works out for you, let me know - otherwise, we may have to do emails because our times aren't particularly complimentary.