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Full Version: Short Absence
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I have a family member who is going to be in the hospital for (hopefully only) the next one or two weeks after an accident. I'm going to be a little scarce driving family back and forth in my spare time.

I'll be able to make all scheduled scenes (Sabbat on Monday and MoHN on Tuesday) barring unforseen complications I'm really hoping don't come up. I'll be a little distracted from admin stuff, but should be able to keep everything going slowly but smoothly.

Thanks in advance for everyone's patience.
Sorry to hear Joey. =( Best thoughts to you and yours.


Take care, Joe. All the hugs and good vibes to you and your family.
Really hope everything is okay with your family member. Y'all will be in my thoughts. In the meantime please don't worry much about the scene we have planned. If you can't make it or just don't feel like it, we can reschedule for whenever. Alternatively, if the escapism is a welcome distraction, well. I am happy to oblige.
Take care of your family. I'm sorry to hear that's going on. :\
All the best to you and yours, Joey.
We'll see you when we do. Smile
I'm really sorry to hear that Joey. Sad Hope things get better for you guys.