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Full Version: snowishness coming
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My phone's weather alert told me that there's a FREEZE WATCH for tomorrow night, so I looked into it and saw this:

[Image: forecast_zpsfdc83ff9.png]

Normal People: Noooooooo!!

Winter is my favorite season in Denver because it's the time I'm the most comfortable. I am also a weirdo, though, and can apparently survive Denver's cold in a light long-sleeved shirt, a hoody, and Converse sneakers (and hat and gloves and a scarf on "bad days" (aka: blizzard days or days when it's in the negatives)).

You folks are always free to ask me what it's like outside, but conditions and temps vary wildly from place to place around the city (as any of you who have checked out the weather link on the Locations page may have seen). But if you want to know if it's cold I will probably tell you that it's "not that bad, quite nice actually" when half the city is out in parkas.

Obviously, the higher up you go the colder and more terrible it is. Here is a picture of my family and I literally chilling at the peak of Pike's Peak down in Colorado Springs our first full day in Colorado:

[Image: 73273_447923842671_913631_n.jpg]

That was August 10, 2006. It was really hot in Colorado Springs that day and my brother and I almost refused to wear our jackets (he almost wore shorts). We would have died.

So there you have it. Winter is coming.