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Full Version: The Cold Crescent White Board [Attn: Whoever!]
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[[Moving this to its own thread per request!]]

The night after the moot, the former office of the Sept's Grand Elder (which will once again have a Grand Elder soon enough) sees the addition of an enormous whiteboard, eight feet wide by four feet high, placed on a couple of easels. Where the whiteboard came from is not yet known; if anyone asked the one-eyed metis who was first seen in its presence, he would say it was acquired through a bit of barter, though who would trade for a giant-ass office accessory (and what might be traded for it) isn't known.

Those Striders, they have their ways.

The board is divided by black (permanent) marker into a series of sections. Each of them are labeled in perfectly-drawn block letters, and contain subheaders, as follows:

1. Grand Elder:
2. Warder:
3. Master of Challenges:
4. Master of Rites:
5. Keeper of the Land:
6. Guardians:

Establish Holders of Sept Offices
Shore Up Spiritual Defenses - Desert Oracles/Others
Shore Up Physical Defenses - Pokes-The-Minds-Eye/Others
Work Out Defenses Around The Pit -
Communicate With Other Septs About The Pit -
Re-assert Territorial Perimeters - Warder/Guardians/Others


This one is left blank, to be filled in.


This one is also left blank, to be filled in.

There are other sections left blank, to be filled in as they are needed with more information. At the bottom, written in dry-erase (which is what "Desert Oracles," "Pokes-The-Minds-Eye" and "Warder/Guardians/Others" are also written is) is the following:

"Here is the first step toward establishing what we must do. And I am certain that what is listed above is just a brief start. But it is, indeed, a start. I would humbly suggest we establish the leaders of the sept first, for obvious reasons."


The white board now established, Javed Anubis-Sight checks in with it regularly. More than a couple of times a day; for the time being, he is living at Cold Crescent, sleeping wherever he is able to. They have been given leave to re-open the sept, and it is not a charge he takes lightly. They all know now that they are not alone, and they all must come together to make it work.

The easy part has been done: acknowledgement and permission. The real work begins now.
Hector doesn't announce his presence the day after the day after the moot. Truth be told he tries to get in and out of there as fast as he can. But a sign of him is left behind on the dry-erase board. He's affixed a torn-out piece of journal paper with a magnet shaped like a snowman. The writing is in the aggressive chicken scratch of a 20-something homid-born male.

H.G. Echoes-of-the-Lost


Sora ran fast and ran hard, stopping in septs long enough to spread word, maybe slam down some man-food, maybe sleep, and then she was off again. Running running, taking moon bridges, racing on four paws as swiftly as she could manage without running herself down into the ground. What good would she be then? No good, that's what.

The Skald rolls into Denver late in the evening of the 26th. She grabbed a quick wash somewhere around the Black Hills so she's not as rank as she could be, but she could do with some soap. Her clothes could do with a real wash. Soon, though. Soon.

She stops before the whiteboard, tips her head to the side, and studies it curiously. Just what sorts of things is this Cold Crescent Above the Pit up to?

The next person to come across the whiteboard will find a marker-line pointing to a travel map - from Cracker Barrel, so not at all detailed - taped over the largest blank section of the board. There are stars enclosed in circles drawn in thick dry-erase marker denoting the approximate locations of septs and Caerns in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, southwestern Ontario, the Dakotas, and Wyoming. Beneath the map, there's a sort of key, a star enclosed in a circle, next to which is written in a heavily slanted scrawl:

Places Eye of Muninn can personally attest have been communicated to about The Pit.

Just who is this Eye of Muninn? Well that's not hard to figure out. She is the unfamiliar one-eyed Fenrir walking around Cold Crescent with the bearing and posture and history of ancient Get of Fenris heroes.


As for the spiritual defenses, the handwriting by that segment is different.

Shore Up Spiritual Defenses - Desert Oracles/Others - DO reestablishing pacts with local spirit life to keep watch Umbral.

[[examples would be birds (not birds of prey if that pigeon spirit is still hanging around the building) to keep watch from above, crawly-type spirits to keep an eye on things on the ground and underground. if the spiritual defenses need to be more detailed than that, then i'll get with the other Oracles and send some rolls kai's way for summons/bindings, but otherwise hopefully this will suffice!]]


With only about a month until the February moot, a new message is left on the white board next to Master of Rites:

Siren of Persephone welcomes all comers to the title of Mistress of Rites for Cold Crescent.

[[Operation: Fill the Open Sept Positions is a-go Big Grin]]
The White Board has, by and large, been left empty. Most communication has been done between Garou, not scrawled out. A few times, the whiteboard has even been defaced with doodles or outright WTF WE'RE NOT ALL GLASS WALKERS. Very often, the pens are scattered around, the board turned upside-down, a corner smeared with banana. There are stickers on the edges. They do, after all, share the space with a tiny Wyldling.

That said, it does see use. Someone early on came by and rather furiously scribbled out 'Grand Elder' and wrote, in large black angry letters: DO YOU SEE ANY 'ELDERS' HERE? SEPT. LEADER. Later on, someone a bit more moderate came by and simply erased all of it and rewrote, neatly: Sept Leader.

The 'Steps to Take' list has... either been largely ignored or simply seen as something that must be taken in order. And perhaps it is. Perhaps nothing can be done, nothing at all, until they know who leads them. Garou can and do discuss these things among themselves, but the physical defenses have not been added to yet other than added patrols -- in part because every time Milton tries to bash in a ceiling tile or start rewiring the building, someone with a cooler head or a higher rank stops him. But chances are, without knowing who the Warder is, without established Guardians, Keeper, and so on, it's hard to know how to proceed.


On the list of sept offices, names have started filling in. Sometimes with messages. Sometimes erased. Siren of Persephone challenges for the Master of Rites. And one frosty morning, after a thick snowfall, a new one appears next to the list of names for Master of Challenges:

Reverence of Dawn.


[Hey all, I know this has stalled. After the holidays I got sick, twice, both of which kept me mostly down for a week or more. I appreciate your patience and want to get the ball rolling in earnest. To anyone worried about the 'deadlines' from the elders of Forgotten Question and the upcoming moot: I'm their boss, and I'm also primarily responsible for how long this has taken, so trust that I'll make it work. :] ]
As the names continue to fill in, one is succinctly added to the list for Keeper of the Land, in small block letters"

Still Waters
[Everyone, I've talked to a few people about this and certainly checked with Sam and Niko about it, but as no one else has thrown their name into the hat for MoR/MoC/KotL, I am inclined to go with Phoebe, Avery and Keisha for these roles without further ado. If you have strong feelings about this I welcome your comments and questions in my inbox as always, but as of now, these roles are filled!

I am going to send Niko some information for Demographics updates and (hopefully) do some system page updating this weekend as well so that the information about the septs is clear, accessible and up to date. Feel free to use now as a time to send me questions or suggestions for things that would be good for a new player to know that aren't already covered! Basically: is there information you wish you'd had right off the bat that you didn't have? Let me know!]
Hey look.

A new notice BESIDE the white board also scribbled there but the bulk of it on a flier -- accompanied sometimes by a dark (waning) Fianna Galliard just hanging out to gossip as she sometimes does.

The notice says:


Ash? Fire? Failing light? Falling light? Dawning light? Darkness? A mountain? Wood? Things made of wood or a wood that is on fire? Weird senses brought out of your dream sticking with you all day long? Something happening but you don't know what? Loss? Anticipation? Wind? Mountain? Death? Ice?

Started around March 15th?


Cinder Song, Furious Lament [Number]
or Storm's Teeth [Number??]

The Fianna Galliard is: of course willing to gossip when she is there. And to listen to all accounts of dreams, eh? But she stops at least one Ragabash with: "I will tell the story of you telling this dream to me at the Moot and your name will ever-after be 'Wants To Get Laid, Can't.'"

And so it is.