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Look. Shipping names. Shipping names for which to refer to scenes! I've been playing around with these a lot in lotsa IMs so I thought why not make it official. They are wonderful. Also I do not take all credit.

Niko. Whitbloke. Samael. Jamie. Vesta. Joey. Kai. You guys are also to blame.

Kai's to blame for this awesome addition too: (a / indicates a ship, a - indicates a friendship, a ~ is a crackship.)

Everybody: Suggest away, man!

More coming.


Alexandalph - Alexander, Ralph
Alph - Alyssa, Ralph
Aluna - Alexander, Lucy, Lena
Alylujah - Alyssa, Lucy, Elijah
Elepan - Eleanor-Pan
Elsinor - Eleanor-Sid because elvish.
Gallandt - Adam and Alexander
Gallería - Adam, Pan
Gallowfrick - Adam and Leonhard
Glasschild - Adam (Gallowglass)~Hawksley (Rothschild). Important note: This is pronounced as 'glass' plus 'schild' for "glass shield", not glass-child. JUST SAYIN'.
Gran - Grace, Pan
Graceley - Grace-Hawksley
Hardly - Hawksley~Leonhard
Hawkalenley - Hawksley-Kalen, because it sounds like the name of a Scottish island or something.
Hera: Hawksley/Serafine
Kacy - Kalen, Lucy
Kalex - Kalen and Alex
Kalsidian - Kalen + Sid + Ian
Kalujah - Kalen, Lucy, Elijah
Kalyssa - Kalen, Alyssa
Katience - Kalen and Patience
Lenafine - Lena, Serafíne
Lenid - Lena, Sid
Leona - Leonhard, Lena
Lenine - Lena, Maxine
Leonine - Leonhard, Maxine
Li Adamah - Zoe Li (npc!), Adam, Shoshannah
Luna - Lucy, Lena
Pad - Pan, Sid
Panannah - Pan, Shoshannah (ack, what is this adorability?!)
Parafine - Pan, Serafine
Patracena = Grace + Patience + Lena
Pena - Lena, Pan
Pera - Sera, Pan
Rajah - Ralph, Elijah
Rice - Riley, Grace
Shallow - Shoshannah, Adam (Gallowglass)
Shid - Sid and Shoshannah
Sikalena - Sid, Kalen, Lena
Silph - Sid, Ralph
Sim - Sid/Jim
Sin - Sid, Pan
Sisley - Sid-Hawksley
Yasseur - Eleanor (Yates)-Richard (Levasseur). Like 'yes sir', get it? *SLAPS KNEE*


Aveva - Avery-Eva (let's be honest, it should be a ~)
Calvery - Calden, Avery
Celdlava Repalcons - Celduin, The Falcons, Baklava Republic? *grin*
Charmer - Charlotte-Melantha-Erich
Charvery - Charlotte and Avery
Dawnsight - Reverence of Dawn-Anubis Sight.
Erector - Erich, Hector
Ever - Eva-Erich
Grace - Charlotte (Grey)-Avery (Chase). PHONETIC.
Hectsin - Hector, Tamsin
Heebe - Hector, Phoebe
Herich - Hector, Erich
Hola - Hector/Lola
Javector - Javed, Hector
Keishery - Keisha, Avery (this name is so cute, gugh)
Lolsin - Lola, Tamsin
Lolton - Lola and Milton
Melala - Melantha~Lola
Melalotte - Melantha-Charlotte
Melerich - Melantha/Erich
Moë - Matt/Zoë
Monochrome - Melantha-Calden-Charlotte (Argyris means 'silver'. Calden and Charlotte's last names are White and Grey. *SLAPS KNEE*)
Phary - Phoebe/Mary
Phatt - Phoebe/Matt
Pheeblexis - Phoebe, Alexis
Phoebexis - Phoebe, Alexis
Phoesha - Phoebe/Keisha
Pholdie - Phoebe + Goldie
Sector - Sora, Hector
Tamantha - Tamsin, Samantha
Whigyris - Calden (White)-Melantha (Argyris)
Whileshazy - Calden (White)-Eva (Illeshazy)
Zoë+Matthew/Matt = Zothew/Zott


Aflack - Amber Flood Jack
Ambaurel - Amber, Laurel
Ambolly - Amber, Molly
Bali - Kali and Bo
Blood - Bo, Flood
Cally - Carole, Molly
Cate - Carole, Nate
Flack - Flood, Jack
Flambé - Flood, Amber, René
Flistván - Flood, István
Flo - Flood, Bo
Floomber - Amber, Flood
Flummux - Flood + Summer + Lux
Flux - Flood, Lux
Folly - Flood, Molly
Istmer - Summer, István
Jadrel - Jade, Laurel
Jolly - Jack, Molly
Kaliflamber - Kali, Flood, Amber
Kallux - Kali, Lux
Laurember - Laurel, Amber
Lolly - Lux, Molly
Lumber - Amber, Lux
Lumberjack - Amber, Jack, Lux
Lustvan - Lux, István
Lute - Lux, Nate
Mack - Molly, Jack
Mené - Molly, René
Mote - Molly, Nate
Namber - Nate, Amber
Narolly - Nate, Carole, Molly
No - Nate, Bo
Noblood - Jack ("Nobody," his other log-in) + Flood + wishful thinking
Rambo - René, Bo, Amber
Sux - Summer, Lux
Sumlux - Summer, Lux
Sumber - Summer, Amber
Sumaurel - Summer, Laurel
Vervan - Verna, István
A couple off the top of my head for my peeps:

Laurember: Laurel, Amber
Kalyssa: Kalen, Alyssa
Kaliflamber: Amber/Flood/Kali
Lenafine: Lena & Serafine
Javector: Javed & Hector
Pheeblexis: Phoebe & Alexis
Keishery: Keisha & Avery
Kallux: Kali & Lux
Istmer: Summer & Istvan


And mine!

Ambaurel: Amber/Laurel
Floomber: Amber/Flood
Rambo: René + Bo + Amber
Lumber: Amber/Lux
Flack: Jack/Flood

Phoebexis: Phoebe/Alexis
Sector: Sora/Hector
Phoesha: Phoebe/Keisha

Sim: Sid/Jim
Rice: Riley/Grace
Lenid: Lena/Sid

I like it when they make words =]
Ack. Some of those... so cute... cannot deal. Updated. (bangs gavel)
A couple more

Gallowglass + Brandt = Gallandt
Pan + Serafine = Parafine
Gallería: Adam/Pan (Gallowglass + Echeverría one of the r's was sacrificed to the buddy cop shipname gods)
Gran: Grace/Pan
Pena: Lena/Pan
Pera: Sera/Pan
Shan: Shoshannah/Pan
Sin: Sid/Pan

Ambolly: Amber/Molly
Cally: Carole/Molly
Cate: Carole/Nate
Folly: Flood/Molly
Mack: Molly/Jack
Mote: Molly/Nate
Mené: Molly/René
Narolly: Nate/Carole/Molly
No: Nate/Bo

Erector: Erich/Hector. I guess Herich would work too.
Hectsin: Hector/Tamsin
Heebe: Hector/Phoebe
Ooh, Pan + Shoshannah = Panannah
Panannah? GAGH SO CUTE.

-- it is updated. Again. (grin)
"Erector" made me laugh forever.
Just saying.
Amber + Flood + Jack = Aflack...


That is all.
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