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Full Version: Infestation [Otherwise known as 'Ix is finally doing a for reals SL']
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Sooooooooo...I am running for the Mage game one SL.

A few things:

a. Before you get too excited - this SL is going to be primarily for Mages who have Spirit (other Mages can come too, but they're going to be a LOT more limited in the scope of what they can do)

b. I have like one month of school left and like three papers and zomg all the things until May - there will be scenes but they are likely to be me saying with little to no notice, 'you people who expressed an interest, let's roll!' After mid-May I'll have less going on and scheduled scenes will happen. Until then, madness.

c. As per my usual, your danger levels:
i. Physical: "you're protagonists!" - so nonlethal save for climactic scene(s)
ii. Psychological: "yes! so much yes!" - so you guys love hallucinations and mind invasion, right?
iii. Spiritual: "also, yes! so much yes!" - because I really, really haven't lost the understanding that my mission is to lure you with the sweet, sweet siren call of the Wyrm from when I ran so much Werewolf

d. If you haven't given up yet...there is a page on the wiki for the story here which will be updated periodically (right now there isn't much there but I want this in the initial post because reasons). Please let me know if you're interested so I can try to nab you or make arrangements with you for scenes. I tend to roll with more smaller scenes.

e. I'm not capping players who can be involved in the SL. There will be scene caps (which for me tends to be 3 or 4 peeps), so bear in mind that no matter how much I love you, you cannot stage a 12 person final assault. (Unless you slit up into smaller groups with separate missions. Then you totally can. As long as 12 of you aren't in one horrible amorphous blob.) I would also request you only involve one PC per person for my sanity.

f. The End
I'm in with Alyssa!
Shoshannah all the way, baby!
Neither of my mages have any spirit magic, but I'd love to toss Ian in anyway. Smile
Pan has Spirit (YES HE DOES) but my work schedule is like "*blows raspberry, flips bird*" for weeknight scenes so IDK how involved I can get. Consider this an expression of interest anyway.
Alex please! He definitely needs his mind screwing with more.
You guys are blowing through this SL despite my barely being about to run it. Smile

Probably only a few serious SL scenes left, and we should schedule.

Right now I'm looking at the 22nd and 26th (because I already know what one of you has for availability).

Please let me know what dates/times you're about for those dates.

If we do one day there, it will likely be a search.

If we do both we might wrap this thing altogether. (Either in a search that continues into an assault or two separate events.) You really are that close, between the lot of you.

If you aren't involved and you want to be (I know there were a couple peeps who expressed interest and haven't gotten any love yet), the characters who currently know some things are Alyssa/Alexander/Ian and you can probably hit up Sam/Vesta/Howl for some scenes to get IC-ly involved. You can also hit me up, but I may or may not be able to connect you with PCs.

Please to let me know what days and times you are available.

Thank you!
The few days after the 26th are also very doable, if that makes scheduling things easier. I would like to see daylight at some point though Wink
The 22nd would work for me, so long as it's in the evening. Smile 26th is out though, since I'll be working. Beyond that, Thurs-Sunday evenings are usually good times for me, depending on what else I might have scheduled.
Okay: How early can I get you guys on the 22nd? Can I get you by like 8pm site time? (Earlier is awesome, but I know at least Howl has things going on before we start.)
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