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Full Version: The Center of the Universe [SL Thread]
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Technology is destructive only in the hands of people who do not realize that they are one and the same process as the universe.
-Alan Watts

listen: there's a hell
of a good universe next door; let's go

-e.e. cummings


And lo, as I have promised. There is a new SL on the horizon!

I have made a wiki page for it here.

After some consideration, I decided to push the start-date to next week (probably Friday the 30th, unless anyone has a strong preference for a different day.) This is partly because I don't want to overlap with Ix's SL, but it will also allow me time to adapt the story to suit the number of players that sign up, which is why I'm announcing it now.

Disclaimers (aka: what you can expect from this SL)

1: There is the potential for a wide variety of experiences in this story. Some of them may be traumatic, some of them may be inspiring. More than likely it will be some of everything. So bearing that in mind, do be aware that violent, frightening or upsetting things are likely to happen. That said, the over-all tone won't be as dark as my last SL. It will, I think, depend upon your character whether the journey is ultimately seen as an ordeal or an adventure.

2: PC death is possible, though I would say the threat level is not very high. It does depend on your character, though, and how they choose to respond to certain events. If they run head-first into certain danger (and there are a couple of things in this story that are very, very dangerous) then they will probably regret it.

3: Speaking of journeys. As I mentioned before, this SL is going to involve travel. It will begin in Denver, but it won't stay there for very long, so anyone who signs up needs to be aware that your character is going to be whisked away for a while. Exactly how long "a while" ends up being is in some respect up to the players (and myself.) I'd say a minimum of one month. But it could reach as long as a couple. Basically, if players want to explore and have fun in the setting, then we will do that. And if you'd rather move through the main plotline as efficiently as possible, then we will do that instead.

Just to be clear and unambiguous: once your character leaves Denver, they will not be able to have any contact whatsoever with anyone who is not involved in the SL. And they will not be able to return home until the SL is completed.

Now, if for some reason someone is really desperate to pull out of the SL (say, RL stuff comes up, or you just really aren't having any fun) I will do my best to work with you to come up with an exit plan. It may possibly involve your character being stuck in limbo for a while. But I definitely don't want anyone to feel trapped by obligation, so if that happens just talk to me and we'll figure something out.

4: My work schedule is... what it is, sadly. I wish that I could be around most evenings, but unfortunately that is not the case. Monday through Wednesday I will not be around. At all. I am also usually not available to run daytime scenes, so that means SL scenes are going to happen Thursday through Sunday evenings, with Fridays being the best day for me personally.

However! You guys will be free to play on your own without needing me to actively run things. So you won't need to worry about having to put your character on pause for a week while we schedule the next ST scene. I'll be dropping in periodically to toss plot-points at you, but in the between time, you are free to explore and improvise and have fun. You guys are also more than welcome to run scenes for each other! Or even bring in outside STs to run a one-shot or smaller storyline for you (so long as it's done by the time I need to usher things along.) I am heavily encouraging group storytelling on this one. Smile

Player Count

So, this story could go down a number of different ways. I have a primary plot thread planned out, but depending on the number of people who sign up, there are also alternate stories that can be run simultaneously. Basically, as of the moment, I'm not putting a cap on PCs. So anyone can sign up! (Provided you have read the above disclaimers and understand what you're getting into.) But... that said? I do need to keep the total number of players per scene down to a minimum.

-The main plotline is going to be capped at 3 characters. I know that probably seems low, but I think it will be easier and more enjoyable for everyone if I can keep the scenes to a not-too-chaotic level, and keeping things small decreases the chance of scheduling headaches.

-Anyone who wants to sign up for a side-story may do so. Those scenes will also be capped at 2 or 3 characters. (I can also run solo stories, though you will be stuck waiting for me to have time to run your scene so... I would only recommend that for people who don't mind not playing very often and who like to write a lot of mood posts.) This will be handled differently than the main plotline, and the characters will have a very different experience. It will be less quest-focused, and rather than having a wide variety of things to deal with, they'll be exploring just one part of the setting in a more in-depth way. The good thing is that I will totally give you the option to have some input on where your characters end up. The bad thing is that you will probably get fewer scenes from me than the main group.


-If you have any personal triggers you'd like me to know about, and haven't previously informed me of them, please send me an fpm and I will let you know if there is likely to be anything cropping up in the SL that could be problematic for you.


Calling all Storytellers!

So, this is 100% optional. But! I thought it would be fun to allow for other people to run scenes during the course of this SL. These would not be connected to my plot-line, per se, other than the fact that they take place while the characters are traveling through the story's setting. So you can really do just about anything you want. There is going to be a lot of room for creativity in this place, so if anyone is interested, just send me a note and we can discuss further details.


Ok, if I haven't scared absolutely everyone away with that huge wall of text and disclaimers, you may reply to this thread to sign up. Smile
*pounce* So in! (As though that is one surprise)
Okay, so, this SL sounds incredibly close to Grace's interests, I must say.

I AM TOTALLY IN, especially since there is no limit to the people who can sign up for this Big Grin

I am interested in the main plot, yeah, but I have been in so many SLs I feel greedy to snatch up a choice spot.

I would like to do whatever makes sense character-wise, though, as it seems this SL will be somewhat technology-sciency. In other words, Howl, you can use Grace however it seems fit to use a reality hacker with her mindset ^_^


Throwing in my lot with Sid if you don't mind a Disciple tagging along!
Given that my availability to play is somewhat wonky, I'm not really up for this one - not if it's going to draw out the out-of-town time waiting for me to be on the right bit of my rota to catch the others taking part. On the other hand, taking part in a side-story may be more doable.


That reminds me! Depending on how things go, I am down to run the occasional one-shot wherever it seems appropriate. Maybe even flex my Magely ST muscles and try little side-storylines for one or two people!
I will totally toss...probably Lena in somewhere on this, since Alyssa got Ix's SL.
I would love to get Patience in on this somehow. If theres still room.
(05-19-2014, 01:49 PM)vesta Wrote: [ -> ]Given that my availability to play is somewhat wonky, I'm not really up for this one - not if it's going to draw out the out-of-town time waiting for me to be on the right bit of my rota to catch the others taking part. On the other hand, taking part in a side-story may be more doable.

My availability for STing runs pretty late for you, I think, since I typically start at like... 12am to 1am your time. I know you stay up some nights though. I might be able to get you involved, if late night RP works for you. I think it just depends on how regularly you can be available, and whether or not your schedule meshes with whomever you get paired up with. Given the amount of people who've expressed interest, there's for sure going to be at least two different story arcs.

So I think really it's up to your judgment, and whether or not you think you can keep up with it. If I put Alex into group B, he wouldn't necessarily need to be present for all the scenes.

(I'm going to be tossing Ian into this story as well - though he's going to be doing his own thing in his own little world because I don't want him involved with any of the main goings-on - so if anyone is feeling especially masochistic you could always join up with him instead. I wasn't really planning that, but I figured I'd make it an option in case anyone thinks that getting stuck with Ian for the next month or two actually sounds like a fun idea.)
Alright, so! I need some info from you guys. Everyone who's interested in signing up (and yes, all of you are welcome!) needs to send me an fpm answering the following questions:

1: Do you have a preference for Group A or Group B?

Note that A plot will be more external/travel focused and B plot will be more internal/memory focused. Both will involve dealing with new and unexpected surroundings. Group A will need to be the most active, as they will have the most stuff to deal with. If you don't have a preference, you can just say "Either."

2: What is your schedule/availability like? Are you pretty open or can you only be available at certain times (and if so, when?)

3: Pick a story genre (horror, sci fi, historical fiction, etc,) that you think you'd have fun playing around in.

4: Pick three words that exemplify your character's subconscious preoccupations. (These can be lingering traumas, driving goals, etc.)

5: What level of the Mind Sphere does your character have (if any?)

In addition, please make note of any memory-associated merits or flaws your character may have, such as Amnesia or Eidetic Memory.


I will be using the above as a guideline in order to organize the two groups, as well as for story inspiration.

Also! Contrary to the manner in which I named your groups, it is actually Group B who will get the first scene. This will take place on Friday the 30th, starting somewhere between 5pm and 7pm site time (depending on what works best for you guys.) More scheduling details will be posted when I know who's going to be doing what. I just wanted to give a heads up in advance.
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