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Full Version: jamie's mage STing fortnight [22/6 - 5/7]
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So my availability is dumb and not conducive to running things on a school night and my week covers the 4th of July which means I'm going to be out of town drinking my weight in my company's competitors' beer but despite all that I am going to try my darnedest to run some one-shots for y'all bc I am a professional.

Shout out if you're available next Friday (the 27th) and/or next Sunday (the 29th) so I can start plotting the business. Those scenes will prob not involve much risk but wear clean underwear anyway.

If anyone's around tonight with the not-so-much-advance notice I can throw some shit at like 2-6 people. Something will prob explode if I run something tonight.

That is all!
I am good for Sunday! Let me know if it is Friday, though, and I will make arrangements accordingly.
I can make Friday, but not Sunday.
Let's see what Maxine can do!
Iiii'm maybe cool for that other Sunday that is not this Sunday.
I should be able to make either Friday or Sunday! Smile Kalen will be...okay, he'll at least have some WP back by then.

Also, being as I just got out of an SL, if you need space, I can totally bow out.
I'm down for either and/or both!


I am available both days I think! If you do both days I'll probably alternate my ladies, but if it's one or the other it will probably be Sid.

I have half-day Fridays through the summer so I'll be available from like noon site time until whenever.
No fun times for Alex this time. Stoopid early shifts.
If there is still room at the inn I'd like to get in with Eleanor on Friday night!

Hawksley is busy in Paris being flirted with by his avatar or something.
Super last minute, and for that I'm super sorry, but--

I need to drop out of Friday's (tomorrow's) scene, as apparently that's the night that we're throwing my husband an impromptu birthday party. I'd be a pretty shitty wife if I skipped out, haha.

Much Magely adventure to all, though!
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