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Full Version: The Totally Awesome PC .GIF Thread
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It's tough to find good Laurel gifs because Winter Ave Zoli is so nice and Lyla is generally a sweet, loving girl on SoA, but Laurel...isn't either of those things. Here's one though!

[Image: tumblr_lod5omJPlg1qkwd5uo1_500.gif]
And last for now: Keisha!

Keisha With Her Hair Out
[Image: tumblr_lnd0wns7YA1qfzgyy.gif]

Keisha Jamming To Her Tunes
[Image: giphy.gif]

Look Into The Theurge's Eyes and Behold Mystery!
[Image: tumblr_m24pflaxkW1r3gup8o1_r1_500.gif]

Keisha's In a Mood
[Image: giphy.gif]

I Dunno What She's Up To Here
[Image: giphy.gif]
This was a way better thing to be doing on a Saturday than running errands you guys are the best.


... reacting to something Elijah just said:

[Image: tumblr_m3zesuKBov1r4kfic.gif]

... thinking "Okay maybe hanging out with you weirdos is better than joining the Technocracy:"

[Image: tumblr_m3zel24gQA1r4kfic.gif]

... reacting to the thought of actually joining a Tradition:

[Image: tumblr_m3zemo0sjA1r4kfic.gif]

... about to kill someone for interrupting Mopey Public Book Time:

[Image: tumblr_m3u2p41qXR1r4kfic.gif]


[Image: tumblr_m3u2eqf9zw1r4kfic.gif]

And a bonus gif for if she ever decides becoming a Nephandus sounds like a fantastic idea:

[Image: tumblr_m3u2id84cc1r4kfic.gif]
Hey, cool, a piano!
[Image: tumblr_n7ujxuhl0q1tzgac0o2_400.gif]

I dunno, but!
[Image: tumblr_n7s59uGNRz1tfxevwo10_r1_250.gif]

"I'm Elijah Poirot, and welcome to MTV Cribs- poor kid edition"
[Image: tumblr_n7ujtj664Q1tzgac0o10_400.gif]

"Alicia! I got a squirrel thing!"
[Image: tumblr_n60c0wR1CG1r44co8o1_400.gif]

"Look, I was probably drunk at the time."
[Image: tumblr_n7ujtj664Q1tzgac0o5_400.gif]
"HEY! a thing to lean on!"

[Image: tumblr_n4snvuSisG1tzgac0o1_500.gif]

Elijah, upon being told he probably shouldn't put something in his mouth
[Image: tumblr_n56ta4xG821tzgac0o1_400.gif]

Bonus! Beer pong- the only way to start your day
[Image: tumblr_mua0y53Tyr1sdkj5so1_400.gif]
Grace, rolling her eyes at Kalen for whatever reason. He probably deserved it.

[Image: tumblr_inline_ml1pcnZ1sB1qz4rgp.gif]

into the woods
[Image: tumblr_mi645pCSMR1qfkvzko1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_inline_mq90stCcEx1qz4rgp.gif]

maybe you should not have tried to visit the Black Fury sept j/s
[Image: tumblr_mjvg6wMTXg1s8g72eo1_500.gif]

probably shopping with Charlotte.
[Image: tumblr_mjwytgBlyK1s8g72eo1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_lqtnqa33mx1qhrwa3o1_500.gif]

bitches get stuff DONE
[Image: tumblr_inline_mqlpppHyVm1qz4rgp.gif]

"I'm listening."
[Image: tumblr_inline_mqlozj3ey71qz4rgp.gif]

confidence [Image: tumblr_mscx3dTsca1sggcigo1_250.gif]
A few of you probably remember

Táltos Horváth

Here are his thoughts on being retired as a PC:

[Image: tumblr_n6tsw94orU1ryqtv7o1_500.gif]

On Mustache Care:

[Image: tumblr_n6ggfqoDME1rv6h21o1_400.gif]

In his favourite reading bathtub:

[Image: tumblr_mz56wqYSsZ1slc8ezo1_500.gif]

If Ever the Mustache Were To Disappear:

[Image: tumblr_n6apwrLXCG1r7xxs8o2_400.gif]

... on what goes on in the mortals/vampire system:

[Image: tumblr_m4tftoTZGM1rvoo39o1_500.gif]

... when people use the word "adorable" OOC:

[Image: tumblr_mc2bdcaXn61rxaf8u.gif]

... whenever another PC doesn't want to take his awesome advice:

[Image: tumblr_mc2hvwXmeZ1rxaf8u.gif]

... whenever another PC does the opposite of his awesome advice:

[Image: tumblr_m2otfqmwoo1r1r088o1_500.gif]

... whenever a random NPC emails him:

[Image: tumblr_mc2deeAvcQ1rxaf8u.gif]

... just got like 2 successes on an Awareness roll:

[Image: tumblr_lx1ke981U41r8q9yeo1_500.gif]

And a bonus gif of some random NPC explaining why you can't stay a PC in the WOD and not be miserable.

[Image: tumblr_m3w14xmXcq1qgxhomo2_500.gif]
Molly Toombs

She's not necessarily likable.
(Resoundingly Charisma 2)

[Image: Kate_Nash_-_Do_Wah_Doo.gif]

When someone makes a poor choice.

[Image: tumblr_m0e29rApyh1r8t443.gif]

"So, there were these zombies, and one of them had an eyeball that he was just holding in, going like 'uuunngggghh'."

[Image: kate-nash-facepalm-o.gif]

When a nigh-stranger does something like yell "Come on!" or "Trust me!"

[Image: tumblr_m62okyKeNl1qkofmwo1_500.gif]

Sometimes she's not very good at keeping allies.

[Image: tumblr_lot18fVYEN1qigryzo1_500.gif]

When shit gets too out of hand or regrettable.

[Image: kate-nash-o.gif]

Giving a piece of her mind.

[Image: kate-nash-o.gif]
Mr. Gallowglass, did you ever consider another Tradition? Y'know, not the Order of Hermes?

[Image: tumblr_munhr5cUfj1s9io1to4_400.gif]

Pontificating Adam:

[Image: tumblr_mrk3sttCX61s9io1to2_500.gif]

Using Superior Intelligence to Win Chess:

[Image: tumblr_miqf5usgZ01rgg4afo2_500.gif]

His 'Interesting Theory I Think Is Probably Incorrect But Am Willing To Withhold Comment On' Face:

[Image: tumblr_n7hmnsXGXH1stz64do2_250.gif]
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