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Full Version: The Totally Awesome PC .GIF Thread
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Devon Paredes, Pt. 2

watch out, we got a badass over here:

[Image: tumblr_m8yt2jDN0N1rt2432.gif]
Margot the Witch

A quick study:

[Image: tumblr_ni9c07sXqG1rnf5opo1_500.gif]
Sarcastic Celebration:

[Image: 1441742725-maisie-williams-youtube-channel-gif.gif]

Actual Celebration

[Image: VFAiBOo.gif]

Lessons Taught by Doc:

[Image: tumblr_mq7elra9fq1qzlt9yo4_250.gif]

Plans Ruined by Weather:

[Image: giphy.gif]

Oh, and this gem, courtesy of Harv:

[Image: giphy.gif]
I'll play, just for this:


[Image: tumblr_m2fvh7QlfV1rqn7wuo1_500.gif]

"Flambeau. It means 'stylish badass.' Join the Order of Hermes today."

[Image: tumblr_m9ovuwfYe31rnsxso.gif]

This is obviously a botched attempt to not show what she thinks.
In Which Silas and friends are adorable idiots making videos:
[Image: tumblr_nbg0faiXzg1tcbchho1_250.gif]  [Image: tumblr_nbfybi6luH1r1qfzho1_500.gif]

In Which Silas Is Hunting to Various Degrees of Satisfaction:
[Image: tumblr_n56wvwCoA61qm6gx2o7_250.gif]  [Image: tumblr_n56wvwCoA61qm6gx2o2_250.gif]

In Which the Robinson Heir Is Bored and Hedonistic and Wearing His Many-Greats-Grandfathers' Clothes:
[Image: tumblr_ng4ukwWasY1tqhmdco4_250.gif]  

In Which Silas Is a Goofball:
[Image: tumblr_n5u47wQ1Oh1sq302mo6_250.gif]  [Image: tumblr_n5fjw4Rl7Z1tx5vduo1_250.gif]
And we're back for a round with incoming Wheel Turner, Lukas!

[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cyxvmLqK1qlt39u_500.gif]

The 'I Regret My Life Choices That Led Me Here' Gif.

[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cyyl2RHC1qlt39u_500.gif]
[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cyxyfF3t1qlt39u_500.gif]

The 'Attempting to Socialize' Gif(s).

[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cz118mjt1qlt39u_500.gif]

The 'I'm Over This Conversation' Gif.

[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cz9fc4u21qlt39u_500.gif]

The 'Just Out for a Walk Not Being A Total Death Mage, sup' Gif.

[Image: tumblr_inline_o2cyr1qGo11qlt39u_500.gif]

And lastly, the 'It's Too Early for This' Gif.
River remembers "Right, I need to be dainty."
[Image: aubrey-plaza-watermelon.gif?w=650]

When you see someone you know when working at a strip club

[Image: post-49544-aubrey-plaza-hot-walking-gif-I-baFO.gif]

"This is the best disguise."
[Image: Aubrey-Plaza-Mustache.gif]

"Seriously, I'm not a call girl. Put that away."
[Image: anigif_enhanced-20349-1408142552-7.gif]
(09-23-2017, 09:44 PM)HDub Wrote: [ -> ]There are some pretty good ones!

Lol, funny gifs.
There are some pretty good ones!
LOL I'm supposed to be doing something productive have a procrastination post instead.

"Doc, it's your turn to take out the trash, what are you...?"
[Image: tumblr_osn7tiqWhM1vi7m2lo1_540.gif]

"It's like ten o'clock in the morning tho?"
[Image: tumblr_oo3o0jYwHr1w3myhto9_250.gif]

On the next episode of Quiet or Drunk:
[Image: tumblr_oi1459HMk51qa3emao2_540.gif]

Whenever Margot calls him:
[Image: tumblr_okdh6pKwMz1w3tja6o1_540.gif]

Whenever Ned calls a house meeting:
[Image: tumblr_oi1jxtKXLU1rlpdfuo3_250.gif]

What being in a cabal with three young adults is like:
[Image: tumblr_op2zj6x7nf1qa3emao1_540.gif]
Even more Will!

That awkward moment when you try and make a dick joke but realize someone's filming.
[Image: anigif_enhanced-buzz-5052-1389328642-17.gif]

When your traditionmates are all talking about Enochian and you just can't even. 
[Image: tumblr_opq06kj0Sx1r1d1ago2_400.gif]

"I'm not high, I just really... like.. all these things."
[Image: tenor.gif]

"... we are never doing rituals with these two guys again." 
[Image: tumblr_oht0o0PQUH1vr5hf3o1_500.gif]
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