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Full Version: The Totally Awesome PC .GIF Thread
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[Image: SlipperyAcceptableGecko-max-1mb.gif]Young, dumb, and idealistic!

[Image: d3474013875a13d7ab78ae8d7694c540.gif]
All the embarrassing stuff you do at the bar will inevitably end up on youtube. 

[Image: anigif_enhanced-19327-1458856734-7.gif]
The logical response to any reasonable invitation
Because I forgot this thread existed:

"They can't see me until they say 'I disbelieve the illusion'..."
[Image: anigif_enhanced-buzz-32758-1380907025-2.gif]

"Yeah the Doc carries this around occasionally. I dunno what it does either..."
[Image: S6mUdGH.gif]


[Image: tumblr_muwzpyuM4x1rqieijo1_250.gif?w=605&ssl=1]
(03-10-2016, 01:57 AM)tithe Wrote: [ -> ]I'll play, just for this:


[Image: tumblr_m2fvh7QlfV1rqn7wuo1_500.gif]

"Flambeau. It means 'stylish badass.' Join the Order of Hermes today."

[Image: tumblr_m9ovuwfYe31rnsxso.gif]

This is obviously a botched attempt to not show what she thinks.

Florence is awesome. She's got an amazing sense of humor lol.
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