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Full Version: 08/03 - 08/16 One-Shots
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Hey guys! Looks like it's ST-rotation time for me, so I'm going to be running 2 scenes over the next couple of weeks.

Scene 1: Friday the 8th at 6pm site time
PC Cap: 3
Genre: Action/Caper
Potential for Violence: Eh... depends on your PCs?
Chance of Trauma: Unlikely
Chance of Death: Highly unlikely

Scene 2: Friday the 15th at 6pm site time
PC Cap: 3
Genre: Horror
Potential for Violence: High
Chance of Trauma: Moderate
Chance of Death: Low to Moderate (depending on how things go down)

Given the low player cap, I would prefer to have different characters in each scene, but if you'd like to sign up for both that's cool. Just let me know which is your first choice.

A note about both of these scenes:

There is a high possibility that the NPCs in these scenes will make reappearances. The second scene in particular does have a broader plot-arc attached to it. However, there's no expectation of commitment from you or your characters. I'll be running scenes sporadically over the coming months, so it will probably take a while before things really start moving along. At some point I will probably make a larger post regarding this SL, but for now I just want to run a test-scene and see how things go.
I'm interested in both but am totally good with stepping aside for one if they fill up. Preference would be for scene two.
Can Elijah skip merrily off to scene 2? I'm not 100% certain I'd be available for scene 1, alas.


Sid for scene #2 plz!
Scene one. Smile
Scene 1 for me Smile
I would like to add Sera I suppose as an alternate since it looks like both scenes are full. I would prefer the second since I have an early(ish) appointment Saturday and also Sera was gonna have a 'surprise' birthday party for hawksley on Friday and would probably be otherwise engaged. Smile. But maybe I can work around if that is my only option!
Alright guys, here are the current rosters for both scenes. I did try to give priority to those people who weren't in my last SL or otherwise haven't had as many scenes from me. If anyone else wants to sign up, let me know and I'll see what I can do to get you worked in.

Scene 1
1: Kalen
2: Grace
3: Lena/Alyssa

Scene 2
1: Elijah
2: Sid
3: Sera

Alternate: Lena/Alyssa
So, last night I completely forgot I had anything going on and went to sleep. At 5PM.

I just now woke up and realized that I was signed up for a game. I am so sorry. I was looking forward to this, really. Sad

(And yes, that means I slept for 18 hours. I blame my being sick.)
It's all good, Noel. Hope you feel better!
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