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Full Version: ST Time!
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Hey folks! So after being a space cadet for the previous two weeks and doing some ST rotation shifting, I'm set for the next two weeks! We're going to do two scenes: one next Sunday at 1 PM site time and one a on Friday the 12th at 5 PM Site Time.

Sign ups here! I can take four people for each scene.

Sunday 9/7/14 - 1 PM MST
1. Ellijah (or Gwendolyn)
2. Sid
3. Alexander
4. Grace
(Alt) Kalen

Friday 9/12/14 - 5 PM MST
1. Kalen
2. Sera
3. Ian
Can I please please please be in for Sunday?


Sid for Sunday! And perhaps as an alternate on Friday provided it doesn't fill up first.
I am in for Friday! Smile

(I'll totes take space on Sunday if it is free, but that one seems to be getting people already. I'll leave it for peeps who might need that day.)
Let me get in on that Friday action?
One I can make! *bouncebounce*

Can I hop on the 7th, pretty please? Smile
I'd like to join on the 7th too!
I'd like to sign Ian up for the 12th if I may. Smile
I'd like to sign up for the 12th. Thanks!


Sorry for the last minute heads up on this, but it is looking like I won't be home in time for this. Sorry, Sam!
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