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Full Version: The Orphans
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Alright, so I have these NPCs, and there is a very loose plot that I started in the Cherry Creek Mall one-shot, but mostly my plan with these guys is to just toss them around and see what happens. I know I've already promised a couple of people scenes, but I wanted to open it up to anyone who might be interested.

The main themes of this SL are anarchy and larceny. So anyone who signs up should be prepared for the possibility of stolen or damaged property.

I'm going to be running these with one or two people at a time, and I'll schedule the scenes around whatever else is going on (I don't want to get in the way of other plotlines.) Basically, I'll be running scenes sporadically, as time and schedules permit. So expect the pacing to be pretty relaxed, and it may take some time before I'm able to get everyone in, depending on how many people sign up.

So anyone who's interested, just let me know and we can go from there!
I'm always interested in storylines, yo!
I think you know I'm in. But...just in case. Smile
I'm in!
I'm game.

Cop and theft - frolics ahoy.
Alright, I will be contacting you guys individually for scheduling. I will probably try to grab someone each week, though that might not always work out. We'll see how it goes.

Vesta, I know our schedules don't always match up too well, so if there's a particular day that would be best for you, let me know and I'll try and set that time aside for you. I can be available Thurs-Sun any time after 5pm MST (site time.)
I just wanted to say: if Sera gets drawn in organically (i.e. by other characters) I would be happy to participate, but I don't need a targeted scene or anything. Smile
Hey guys. So, in light of a few things I've decided I'm going to be canceling this plot thread. I think there's a lot going on in the game right now, and I'm a little burnt out on STing. (Knowing me, I'm sure that won't last long, but for now I think I'd like to take a break.) I'm sorry about that, I know I've been promising a couple of you scenes for a while now. I'm sure I'll bring these guys back again at some point, but right now I'm just not really feeling it.

Regarding the Ravenous SL: As of now, I do still plan to continue that one. More than likely that will happen in October. I'll post a thread when I'm ready to jump back into things again. Smile