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Full Version: tentative niko ST shindig
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Who has two thumbs and totally forgot it was their turn on the ST rotation?

[Image: This-Guy-Jim-Halpert-The-Office.gif]

I am still in the middle of moving, but next weekend should be a safe time to schedule a thing. Let us go for *doublechecks when Liz is throwing down in WtA* hm.

Let's say Saturday the 27th in the evening, unless that night works out better for Liz at which point I will see about rescheduling. I will take three of you!

Saturday, 9/27, 6pm
- Ix [Kalen]
- Jamie [Alicia]
- Kai [Hawksley]

Sign-ups are tentatively closed, however feel free to throw your name down in case someone can't make it!
Yay! Things! Smile I will totally come to this thing!
Sign Alicia up! I'll auto-rescind my spot if it fills up fast and someone who hasn't gotten in on one in a while wants it tho.


Hey folks! I'm sorry to do this but I'ma hafta cancel this. I am just. so. tired. And there's still a lot of moving stuff left to do and not so many days left to do it. I don't see anyone listed for the MtA rotation after me so perhaps we'll be able to reschedule to next weekend instead. We shall see.

I will keep you all posted!



So yeah, moving is OVER my time is PRETTY OPEN. Except for tomorrow night and Saturday sometime.

I am thinking of rescheduling this for this coming Sunday (unless someone tells me that something else is planned for Sunday), 2pm to let's say 7pm at the very latest.

I will take three of you!

Sunday October 5, 2pm-7pm
*Dives in* Alyssa!
Me!!! Smile


Oh my god you guys, I am so sorry, I completely forgot I was going to run you a thing and slept through a lot of today -_-
Aw, no worries. =) I thought something like that might have happened.