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Full Version: Saturday!
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I may run a mage something on Saturday, FYI. It's my last freeish weekend for a while. Might get moved to Sunday if I am going out but we'll see.

Or hell: if I finish the WtA thing early enough and am feeling insane it might happen Friday.
I would be down for this! I should be around on Saturday and Sunday. Not too sure on Friday, though. Smile
Am very down for this as well. I cannot do Friday though!
Aw, I would love to get in on this, but if it's happening tonight then I probably can't. I'll be out to dinner with some friends until fairly late. Sunday I could do though, if it's in the evening (like 6pm or later.) Otherwise, I suppose I'll have to let you have fun without me. Wink
So sorry folks. Went out Saturday too. I will do some smaller scenes early this week for anyone who can be on by 6 p.m. chat time on Monday and/or Tuesday.