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Full Version: New Storyline
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Hey folks,

I have permission to roll out a new mage storyline, which could turn out to be a very small storyline, or could take things in strange, interesting directions. I don't plan right now to have people sign up for big, multiplayer scenes because I want it to start more organically and kind of slip into the characters' lives.

If you want to 'sign up' you can do so here: but if you have two characters I would prefer that you choose a primary character for purposes of the storyline. Makes it easier for me.

I also have another requirement, which is: if I ST a scene for you, I'll ask you to go out and ask one other person and maybe someone you don't regularly play with to RP sometime in the two weeks thereafter. A kind of pay it forward rule. You don't have to talk about my STed scene (unless it comes up organically) - I just want to encourage connections beyond the standard ones.

My hope is that in the long run this will go to some interesting places philosophically and also give characters options to toss some serious magick around or at least change the frame a bit. Part of where it goes will depend on how the characters interact with NPCs, et cetera.

Anyway - I may actually introduce the first NPC if I see a good open scene already going on and I have some time, so....

PS - This storyline is pretty elastic. If you Go Somewhere Else it will only be for the duration of that scene so, yeah.
I think you already know that I'm interested, but just to make it official - I am totes signing Ian up. Big Grin
Girl, you know I'm in. Count Kiara in for having her world turned upside down, sideways, subtly nudged, whichever!
And Grace! Woo!
You had me at 'toss some serious magick around'. I would like to sign up!
Okay so my plan now will be for introish stuff:

1. A scene for Grace and Ian.
2. A scene for Kiara.
3. A scene for Hawksley.

These will be kinda short scenes so I will try to grab you guys!
*raises hand* Arionna. I offer Arionna. or Jo.. Really either works. Just depends on who might fit better.
If one of my peeps gets involved I'm totally not gonna walk away, but considering the time I haven't had lately I'm not going to beg for a dedicated intro scene right now. Smile
I need to wiggle Alex back into the game - most likely over the next couple of weeks when I head back to being awake at your bit of the clock - but I'm game too Smile