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Full Version: New SL
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Heya, peeps. I am running a short storyline. I will take anyone who asks nicely, but I'm limiting scene count to 3 (or perhaps 4) players, so be aware that if more than that many peeps are in, there may be a split finale scene.

There is definitely the possibility for character harm and/or death; though, as per my usual, most of my scenes save finale scenes are largely non-lethal.

This will probably be the best fit for characters with Spirit or a keen interest in the occult, but anyone should be able to drop into it. I anticipate there will be one or perhaps two introductory scenes (which may or may not be group scenes), maybe a planning scene or two, and then some manner of resolution.

Let me know if you're interested and we can set up introductions.
Oo, oo! I nominate Ian!

(Even though he still doesn't have Spirit. Maybe this will finally be the thing that makes him go 'oh ALRIGHT'.)
Ooh, Kiara has both Spirit and a high Occult interest, I am totally willing and able to get down with this. Smile
Alex, please!

(Scheduling, yaddah...)
If there is space I desperately would like Elijah to be in. If that is too man I can back out
I know you're probably full up, but if something occurs, I'm happy to throw Ari in, more for her interest in magic/occult.
You guys have been seriously the best. I've had family emergencies and a bunch of RL stuff and I know I've been really slow. Thank you for being super-patient. RL things are chilling out a little and I just finished finals like two minutes ago.

I should have time again for a bit, and will resume actually being more on top of things.

I just wanted to thank y'alls for being awesome. Smile