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"When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe."
-Madeleine L'Engle

Hey guys! With the conclusion of the first part of the Ouroboros SL, I have a little interlude planned that's going to kick off my second storyline. This SL will be different from that one in a lot of ways. It's going to focus on adventuring and mythic elements, and will be broken up into periodic chapters.

The first chapter will most likely be happening the week of the 20th through the 26th, and it will involve umbral travel. I'm planning to run at least 3 scenes back-to-back (possibly with pauses, if they're necessary) so anyone who signs up for this should be aware that it will require pretty much a week-long commitment (though it doesn't have to actually take the entire week if you have a day in there that doesn't work.) It might work out to only 3 days, but I suspect it will go a little long, as these things tend to do.

I am restricting participation for each chapter of this SL to no more than 2 PCs. However, I have a lot of chapters planned, so anyone who wants to get involved totally can, provided we can make scheduling work. Future chapters will be set in all kinds of locations and deal with different challenges and NPCs, so I will try to select scenarios that I think the characters involved might have fun with. The one caveat is that this SL is one of those stories that sort of requires the PCs to actively choose to participate, so it might be a little more difficult to rope in those who don't have much personal motivation. But that said, if anyone really wants to participate but needs some help motivating their character, let me know and I'll see what I can think up. Initially I'll probably be handling the whole 'drawing other characters into the story' thing by just having someone already involved be like "hey, do you want to help us with this thing?"

The chapters of this SL will be intermittent. I'll be running them when I have the time and motivation, so there will probably be long breaks between them. As far as this chapter goes, I'm also restricting it to characters who have at least Spirit 2, since it will take place in the umbra (and without Spirit 2, characters would be kind of hopelessly limited in that environment.) If you don't make it into this one, don't worry. There will be lots more chances in the future. Smile

So! I have two slots to fill. If you'd like to snag one, let me know. And if you'd like to sign up for spots in future chapters, just wave your hand at me and I'll put you on the list.

[And for reference: yes, this is the SL that Henry keeps teasing.]

Ohhhhmygawd I want Elijah in this like I want chocolate cake. And I could SERIOUSLY go for cake. Please please please?
[Polishes shiny new Spirit 3 rating, pins to lapel]

Ahem. Cough. If you want her, you can absolutely have Kiara for the Spirit/Umbra portion. Smile
Alright you two. *puts a stamp on it* The spots are yours. Smile

Heather, I'd like to do a scene with Elijah and Henry this week. Afterwards, I'm probably going to leave it to you to lure Kiara in. Then we can all jump into the first proper scene early next week.
Done deal, fearless leader! I look forward to it!
And so the first chapter is complete!

Thank you guys for the awesomeness. I had a really fun time running it. (I mean... DRAGON.)

As for future chapters, I think right now I have the next one planned for November. Once again, I'm going to limit participation to two PCs. I was thinking it might work out to have one of the two PCs who were previously involved and then one new person, if any new folks would like to join. That way, it can be more of a natural transition. (And for whoever misses out this time, don't worry, there are more chapters planned.)

Right now I'm looking at November 8th through the 14th as a potential scheduling block, though this can easily be changed. Like the first chapter, it's going to be a contained expedition that will take the PCs out of Denver to hunt for an object. I haven't decided where it will take place or how many scenes we'll need, since I'd like to know first who's going to be participating so I can plan around that. If anyone would like to participate but can't make the whole week, I can plan for something shorter. I think minimum we'll need three days, and these will need to be weekday evenings again. More days will allow for a more involved quest, but I'm fine limiting it if that's what we need to do.

This is still a good month and a half away, so I don't need to know immediately. But if anyone new would like to sign up, let me know and I can plan accordingly. Smile If not, then I will continue to snag Kiara and/or Elijah. Either way, it will be fun times.
I'm interested, although the best week for me would be the one starting the 23rd - it's my week off between runs of nights, so I'm awake at the right time and don't have that pesky work thing getting in the way of RP fun times.

I think this is probably more of an Alex SL than a Steel one. Although there might still be the issue of Spirit 1.
If you need/want Kiara again, you can absolutely have her! I just don't want to hog all the ST goodness. Wink But I'm happy to come aboard again.
I am totally up for one of these at some point. That particular week is when I am to turn in papers for this semester, so I am not pouncing. But eventually I want so much in. Smile
I'd like to sign up! Weekends are the best so far.
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