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let's open scene it, ya'll. - Jacqui - 09-29-2015

Hey hey, party people!

So, I was thinking that piggybacking off of Howl's idea of open scenes, that it might be fun to try and schedule one or two whenever people are more likely to be around. I don't know what everyone's schedule is like in the coming weeks(ish) but if there are evenings that work better, feel free to chime in below.

Or we could just aim for I think Thursdays (per what was happening before). I figure if we sort of have a rough idea of nights when people are more likely than not to be around, it might help if the urge hits to start something. I think this week I'm going to try and aim to be online and log Kiara in on Thursday evening if anyone feels like a no strings attached scene.

Or you know, if they want to come poke the neighborhood Verbena, that is also a valid life choice. Anyway, consider this me putting some feelers out for a yay/nay/eh get off my lawn response. Big Grin

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - Howl - 09-29-2015

Aw man. I sadly am not available this Thursday. But I am all for this idea, and next week I could probably make it. Smile

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - FadedNoel - 09-29-2015

I would be up for Thursday eveningish! I think. Unless RL intrudes. But for right now, I think it's all good!

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - -ix- - 09-29-2015

I am generally less available on Thursdays. But. Sometimes I can be around. I also generally think over four people is too many (and I greatly prefer two or three), so I actually didn't come to many of the scheduled open scenes anyway because they'll often hit five or six people and I cannot even.

You guys are awesome and I want to play with you. Just not all at once. Smile

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - Jacqui - 09-30-2015

Woo, okay! I shall see about unleashing Kiara on Denver on Thursday evening, probably around 7-8PM site time depending a little when I can get online but hopefully no later and we can see where the evening takes us. If it doesn't pan out, we can try again next week, etc. Smile

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - nimravidae - 09-30-2015

Unfortunately I can't do weeknights save friday. I have work at 8 am but I have an hour plus commute which means well.. in the end I'ma wake at 5:30 ;p I might be able to hop into something for an hour or something depending on when it starts but... can't guarantee it. Weekends are pretty open right now tho

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - Jacqui - 10-02-2015

Thanks for coming and playing, everyone!

Nim - maybe we can try for a weekend scene, too, at some point and get you in on the action, too. Smile

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - Jacqui - 10-07-2015

Just a quick 'oh right, that thing' sort of post here to say - I'll likely try and log in again on Thursday evening US time for a bit and if anyone is about, we can get some RP on. This is very no stress, though. If you're not around, in the mood, etc., I won't be offended!

RE: let's open scene it, ya'll. - Jacqui - 10-24-2015

Re: open scenes! I'd still like to make these happen, this week was a sort of bust because Kiara/I've been part of a SL but, hopefully next week at some point we can make another happen. Smile