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RE: denver happenings - kai - 02-22-2014

I have this odd feeling I know what I'll be doing next Saturday.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 04-11-2014

Annual 4/20 rally becomes a two-day festival.

Yep, Civic Center is going to be packed with people getting high and doing whatever else. Though public consumption of pot is illegal, and local law enforcement is going to be on hand to keep the peace with an eye to safety rather than issue potentially thousands of citations, STs are encouraged to play around with that should anyone decide to run a thing.

Ritzy Titanic Dinner: April 12- Denver Molly Brown House Museum
Quote:Don your most elegant ball gowns and tuxes for the year's most extravagant dinner! The greatest in ocean-going luxury…the "Ritz" is where the super-rich wined and dined on the famous Titanic ship. You'll enjoy an tasteful eight course meal served by Titanic's most famous survivor- Cesar Ritz. This event would be perfect for a date night with that special someone to help get those romantic juices flowing! Don't forget to buy your tickets in advance, it'll truly be an elegant affair to remember!

Doors Open Denver: April 12 & April 13 The Denver Architectural Foundation
Quote:Looking to get cultured?! Come celebrate art and architecture at Doors Open Denver this weekend. This two-day event allows visitors to get a personal tour of the amazing buildings Denver has to offer. The event visits different mansions, buildings and businesses around the Denver area so there's something out there for everyone! If you want to get a personal tour of the Governor's Mansion or perhaps want to learn some more about the city's architecture then this is the event for you!

Taste of Pearl: April 12 Boulder Boulder Downtown
Quote:That's right the 2014 Taste of Pearl extravaganza is officially here! Enjoy an unforgettable afternoon discovering Boulder's culinary art scene. You'll have a chance to taste some of Colorado's most distinctive wines while strolling through Downtown Boulder's trendy galleries and retails shops. By attending you'll also be supporting a great cause…. a portion of the event's proceeds will benefit Boulder's Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA). The past three years this event has sold out so don't forget to buy your tickets in advance….see you there!

If I'm not around much this weekend it's because I'm off doing one or all of these things.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 05-02-2014

This is neat. The Marquee put out a guide to Colorado's summer music festivals. Good info for PCs, and also like if any of you musically inclined weirdos (which is everyone, right?) would like to come visit this summer.

Hm hm, yes yes, you should all come out and hang with us sometime =]

Summer Festival Guide 2014

RE: denver happenings - errin - 05-29-2014

I keep forgetting! This weekend is The Denver Chalk Art Festival. A bunch of insanely talented people get together to draw amazing things around Larimer Square.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 06-13-2014

Aw snap! It's Denver Comic Con this weekend! Taking place downtown, even if your PC isn't a geek or a nerd that would be into such things, there will be plenty of people roaming around the Central Business District in costume.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 06-18-2014

Yo, this weekend is PRIDEFEST (clickclick)!

I am going to be all up in Pride's face this weekend so I will probably not be around to RP much if at all.

This weekend is also the Denver Greek Festival.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 07-07-2014

Good news everyone!

Denver has its very own spaceport!

Hah, kidding (sorta). The old Union Station building is going to reopen soon with a hotel and restaurants. The train station itself offers bus, light rail, Amtrak, and in a couple years a commuter rail. This is pretty awesome news.

The official grand opening has been pushed back two weeks, but most of these services are currently available.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 09-11-2014

Red Rocks on a High Note

"As the Colorado Symphony takes the stage for a cannabis-friendly concert at Red Rocks on September 13th, the question is not whether Beethoven will be rolling in his grave, but what exactly he’ll be rolling. Red Rocks on a High Note: An Evening with the Colorado Symphony” has already made national headlines as the first such public performance in the wake of the state’s commercial legalization of cannabis, and promises to be historic, if not “groovy.”"

RE: denver happenings - errin - 09-12-2014

Hoo hoo, I totally forgot that this was happening this weekend:

Nan Desu Kan (NDK)

"The premiere anime convention of the Rockies."

Where: Marriott DTC
When: Tonight through Sunday afternoon
WHAT: The Tech center will be full of hordes of young (and not so young) people dressed in elaborate costumes, wandering around and/or getting their pictures taken. A favorite place for con-goers to hang is the Original Pancake House on Belleville, for breakfast or whenever.

RE: denver happenings - errin - 09-17-2014

Looks like Riot Fest is coming to Denver this weekend.

Where: Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium
When: This Friday through Sunday (9/19-9/21)
What: Big huge music festival party times! (If this weekend wasn't the big moving push I would totally put Zoë or Sid here)