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Latest Announcements - kai - 03-17-2013

Welcome to WtA Denver!

Check this thread regularly for the latest announcements about the system. Periodically, judgement calls and information from this thread will be moved to the system pages on the main site. When in doubt, check those pages and read this thread before asking a question -- it may have already been answered!

RE: Latest Announcements - kai - 03-30-2016

Hello everyone!

Journals for March will be due on Sunday, April 3rd, at 11:59 PM (MDT).

If you have not sent in a journal for January or February and don't have one for March but wish to keep the character active, please send me an email.

RE: Latest Announcements - kai - 04-06-2016

XP and Renown for March have been awarded and inactive characters have been retired!