The Cabal that Doc and Margot Refuse to name but Ned has a Bakers Dozen for (No Joke)
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"In the new house, we're going to need a Nihilistic Robot butler named 'Ivan'..."
 "Don't name it! You'll get attached to it!"
"Anything you call it turns into a name, you know."
*Beep Boop Beep* "Attachment is a false premise, meant to distract us from the ever encroaching truth of death."
*sigh* "I'm going for a walk."
"Did you have to make it sound like Ben Fuckin' Stein?"
 "It helps with the drinking..." *drink*

~Par for the Course~

Leader: Ruled by way of Committee (Committee being the Doc listens to the often hyper-paranoid and anti-science advice of his Initiate cabalmates, Tells them they're wrong and then decides what's going to happen). 

  • Dr. Andres Sepulveda (Disciple, Son of Ether, Mad Scientist)
  • Margot Travers (Initiate, Disparate/Budding Verbena, Trauma Llama)
  • Ned Gaites (Initiate, Disparate/Possible Euthanatos, Paranoid Pragmatist)


Lots of Weird. None of it good. Alcoholism, Paranoia with a splash of Rick and Morty.

Places They Can Be Found:

[*]The House beyond all Reason (Aurora, to be specific)


[*]To approach their Traumas and Circumstances with a healthy dose of sarcasm, blunt force denial and apparent library binge moments. Also: Tequila.
[*]Figuring out how best to fit in without actually needing to fit in. 
[*]insulting people without meaning to (Hobby)
[*]Disobeying ever Horror Movie trope in the book.
The Opinions and Views of Margot


Dr. Andrés Sepúlveda: "He is, admittedly, rough around the edges.  The word 'asshole' has been thrown around.  But he's essentially Good.  Was good enough to take Ned and I in as his responsibility and teach us what we are and how to do what we do.  It's frustrating and stressful sometimes, caring about someone like him, but I'm glad we found him anyways."

Ned Gaines: "Ned's appearance in my life marks the moment when I stopped being entirely lost and adrift after my Awakening.  He was going through the same thing, and he was the one that came across Doc and suggested we go talk to him.  We're figuring out Magick together with Doc now.  I suppose you could call him my best friend, because I've got no idea what I'd be doing without him."

Everyone Else

Arianna Giametti: "Arianna's enchanting in that she's pretty and well-spoken, but also because she's got depth beyond that alone.  She drinks with the Doc and doesn't seem like she takes shit either.  She's also one of the most passionate people about finding a good Tradition that I've met.  She's nice to me.  I like her."

Grace Evans: "I was told that she's one of the default 'leaders' of our community of mages in the city.  She seems stressed and worried a lot.  I think that's a lot of responsibility to put on a twenty-something, personally.  Aren't there any old people around to take that kind of stress off her shoulders?"

Nicholas Hyde: "Nick's a friend of Doc's, and that's how I got to meet him.  He's reserved, seems to be playing everything very close to the sleeve, you know?  But he's helped me out, and though I don't always know what his motives are exactly I'm always rather well assured that they are good ones."

Penelope Mars: "Pen is like a Knight out of stories.  She's valiant and bold and she kind of knocks you off your feet with the first impression she gives, then does it again and again.  Part of that's probably her Resonance, but I think that's also just the way that she is and will continue to be.  She set me up with her Verbena friend, Thane, and I'm thankful to her for it."

William Holmes: "I didn't really trust Will at first, and I don't know precisely how far I trust him now.  I don't think he's malicious or anything like that, but he doesn't exactly keep the best friends and he's told me himself that he doesn't exactly make the best decisions either.  But he's likable and Awakened and these things hand-in-hand are good reasons not to lose someone's number."

The Doc -

"I used to think I needed an adult in my life. Someone to help steer me toward a better future or a brighter tomorrow. Representative of the fact my continuing isolation after the accident, was bound to lead me down the road to dementia. I can safely and comfortably say after having met the Doc and been his apprentice, that that is a load of horseshit and adults are fucking insane. Still....if I had to be mentored by anyone, after hearing and seeing and listening to what other mages have had to say? I'd do it again. In a heartbeat..."

Margot -

"Little sister. There, I said it. Especially now. After everything. She got a raw deal in the mail and no time to pick up and get it back together, So...yeah. Hurt her, I'll kill you and burn the corpse if only to save you the trouble of making it onto her list of people to curse when she gets around to learning more about voodoo dolls. It'll be a favour and you'll owe me one..."


Nick -

"This guy. Part of me feels like he's got something in mind for that brighter and better tomorrow but...only if we're all like him. Thinking and feeling and being like him and that's....just not possible. I wish him the best. I honestly want to know more about how he sees the world but...Different roads, I think. Different messages."


"War, met thunder and called it a Light Brigade. Nice hair, great legs. Oh don't look at me like that..."


"...I am not a Vampire. Also, vampires don't exist. Also, fuck the Technocracy. Also: they are not listening, shut up!"
Margot's Contributions

Library: 1
Resources: 1 (lol)

Life: 2
Prime: 2
Spirit: 2
Correspondence: 1
Entropy: 1
Forces: 1
Matter: 1
Ned's Contributions


Matter: 2
Forces: 2
Entropy: 1
Life: 1
Doc's contributions
Allies: •••
Library: •••
Resources: •••
Smart-Assed Comments: ••••••

Correspondence: ••
Entropy: •
Forces: ••
Life: •••
Matter: •••
Mind: ••
Prime: ••
Spirit: lol that's why he keeps Kiara around
Time: ••

Doc's opinions
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