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M20: World-State Changes
The following notable world-state changes were implemented in Mage: 20th Anniversary Edition:
  • Rather than providing a fixed metaplot, M20 offers a series of options labeled "Future Fates." Please see our associated Metaplot system page for information on the various metaplot and setting options being used in our system.
  • Awakened mages draw a distinction between “magick” (that is, true or awakened magick) and “magic” (hedge magic/sorcery, supernatural abilities, etc.) Magick with a “k” is now the standard spelling for enlightened willworking.
  • The Council of Nine (now calling themselves the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions) has been re-established as the New Horizon Council with associated changes to the Traditions to bring them more in line with the new millennium. Their new stronghold is called The Colony and is based in the New Zealand Alps, disguised as a movie studio called Colony Filmworks (also referred to as New Horizon.)
  • In keeping with the above, some of the Traditions have changed their names:
  • Akashic Brotherhood ---> Akashayana
  • Euthanatos ---> Chakravanti
  • Dreamspeakers ---> Kha'vadi
  • Virtual Adepts ---> Mercurial Elite
  • Cult of Ecstasy ---> Sahajiya
  • Sons of Ether ---> Society of Ether
  • Verbena ---> Verbenae (plural only)
  • For further information on how each Tradition has adapted over the years, see the entries for the Traditions in Chapter 5 of the M20 Core Book.
  • Under Revised, a number of the Disparate Crafts were absorbed by the Traditions (the Wu Lung, Ngoma, etc.) These days, however, those Crafts have distanced themselves from the Traditions. Some followers of these paradigms still retain membership in the Traditions, while others do not.
  • Mages within the Crafts, as well as other Disparates, have entered into what they call the Disparate Alliance, meant to oppose the Technocracy and its possible Nephandic corruption. Unsurprisingly, the Alliance and its goals are kept highly secret from outsiders. Tradition mages, Technocrats and the like are unaware of its existence.
  • The Hollow Ones are now considered a Craft, and are a part of the Disparate Alliance.
  • The Technocracy in the new millennium is quite different from what it was during the heyday of the Ascension War. Having been cut off from the Inner Circle and their off-world Constructs, the Union has evolved in ways that have made them more… well, human. Assuming the War to be essentially over, they primarily target only those Reality Deviants they deem to be threatening. (Of course, individual Technocrats will likely have different ideas about what constitutes a “threat.”) On the other hand, there is also evidence of Nephandic corruption within the Union’s ranks – corruption that might reach very high. Out in the far reaches of space, the Void Engineers have encountered something they call Threat Null – a perverted shadow of the Union’s worst excesses – and here on Earth, an extremist faction known as Panopticon continues to militantly pursue the enemies of the Technocracy. Suffice to say, politics and priorities within the Union are… complicated at the moment (and not quite as “mutual” as they would have outsiders believe.) For further notes, see the Metaplot page.
  • One of the biggest changes between Revised and the 20th anniversary edition is the treatment of Nephandi. In the Book of Madness, Nephandi are described as fringe extremists with fractured sanity who are generally not known for their subtlety. In M20, however, this concept is completely turned on its head. Yes, the classic stereotypes definitely exist, but they aren’t the majority. Modern Nephandi are organized, intelligent and cunning, and they exist in greater numbers than was previously assumed. Influence among their numbers can range from unenlightened pawns (who are not true Nephandi) to powerful masterminds, and while lower-ranked members might devote themselves to unholy entities, the more “enlightened” ones understand that they’re really the hands of oblivion itself.
  • And lo, the Avatar Storm is no more.

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