Hey you kids! (Attn: William and Margot)
"Well done."

Juices boxes go sailing into the dirt in front of both, a careful sending given their mutual designs on catching them. Arturo doesn't provide much in the way beyond that for a few moments, easing back into the patio chair which creaks gently under his weight, only to ruffle his facial hair and the features beneath and climb out with several grunts and mutters of exertion.

"You're almost done that one."

He moves his chair onward, not one, but several plots down from where the pair are continuing their work, plunking the chair down and coming back for the various supplies he's left behind. On the way to moving positions, his voice rings out at varied volumes, to make up for the proximity challenge.

"You comfortably threw yourselves into the roles of trying to imagine the Cosmic All; Beings so vast and universal, that the word 'Being' is paltry in describing them. I would be remisnce to point out the errors in your distinctions because I don't know. No one does for certain, whether what you said is true or not. We stand upon a giant rock, floating through an emptiness, trying to gain insight on the even vaster powers that think our universe small."

Arturo pauses in carrying the Juice boxes to his new vantage, some thirty feet away from the Kids in their last plot. His attention seems momentarily arrested by the Tree he has dubbed the Ymildazie. The kids can't see his expression or demeanour beyond the slight stiffness clinging to his paused frame, but one can imagine something is happening for the next dozen heartbeats that is not entirely clear.

It is a moment, nothing more, then Arturo is turning back toward the patio chair with another distant grumble, inaudible due to proximity. He climbs back into his chair with careful movements, hands planting on the plastic slates, turning himself over until he can comfortably plop back into place. Something is fished out of a bright yellow pocket, the wrapped crinkling in his fingers while he smiles from afar at the kids, yelling without apology, to be heard.

"Claiming that there are those 'Below' or 'Beneath' or 'Inferior' to the Cosmic All, is suggesting they are aware of us individually. The distinction between layers of the Spirit, is not measured in the scope of Power, but in the scope of Perception. When you find yourself being noticed by any one thing or another within the Spirit, it means you have achieved some lasting presence..." A pause. Shrugging. "Or momentary glimpse into the next layer of the beyond." Whatever he is unwrapping is popped into his mouth and sucked on with vigour.

"Remember that, above all other things: When something gives you it's attention, it is because you are, have done or will do something that is worth it's time. Sometimes that is wonderful. Sometimes...often I would say...You'll never want to look at a mirror again."

* * * * * *

"The first thing you should cultivate when exploring, whether with your map-" he flutters fingers toward Will, having gone silent for a time, while the Kids worked through another plot. They were closer now and he didn't have to yell at them this time. "-or with your minds, is the concept of Invisibility. You are exploring a brand new realm and all it entails and there are incredible minds with archaic wisdom who do not understand even a tenth of what goes on in it so do not think that true or full understanding will ever be a goal." He tuts. A caution against arrogance.

"That said, observation is your grandest tool. The Spirit is vain, callous, ephemeral and fickle. It's fixations can be lasting, but only if you make yourself worth notice. When courting the lands above, beyond, below, or through, always be an observer. First and Foremost. Do not talk to anything unless you know what it is you are talking to. Often times just a single word can define a deal more binding than any legal team or law firm."

Another juice box. There is one left on the ground. He will more than likely go searching for more of them soon enough, but he seems content to watch them work for a few minutes. Then-


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