Mourning Routine/Pattern Interrupt [ Attn: Noel ]
It's the police who will tell her the equipment looks either vandalized or destroyed, and won't she give them an inventory for the report? The others are wrapping the area up in police tape. It's a crime scene, though they aren't quite sure what type of crime just yet.

A lone detective gets to the warehouse. There aren't any bodies and that means he stands their inspecting the blood like he's not quite sure what to make of it. He hasn't really started paying attention to the state of the doors yet.

When he walks up to Verna he begins asking her the same questions she had been asked already. He's playing catchup. He hasn't done the reading. He doesn't seem to know much.

“Have you been able to get in contact with the owners? If it was drug-related, there's a chance someone got hurt breaking down that door, which explains the blood,” because he's trying to avoid anything more complicated than the conclusion he's already come to.

“There was more inside. In the basement,” and what he means is the lab, but to him it's just a basement.

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