Mourning Routine/Pattern Interrupt [ Attn: Noel ]
Verna nods at the detective, but she looks at the asphalt. Yes, not enough blood for... none outside. It's a relief.

So is his assertion that they're going to take this seriously. She looks up at him, and gives him a sad smile. "Thank you," she says, in true gratitude.

"I've done the inventories on the lab myself. I can get you an inventory if I can find the data," she says. That is, if she can find the inventory data in the lab they refer to as 'turned upside down'.

She gives the man what she knows. The two men's phone numbers, René's email address (because Dr. Andrássy never used anything but paper to communicate). She doesn't have their home addresses, but what lab assistant would be privy to such information? It just never came up. There were never any invites for the staff to have dinner at the boss's house or anything.

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