Dreamhost Updates Coming
The contact links for you and Liz under the Admin Contacts page don't seem to work, but that might be the FPM weirdness.

Also: Woot, you rock! Thank you Smile
I see that. I don't think that's a problem with the updates? It might have been like that before, and it just wasn't noticed until now...

I'll see about fixing it though!
Hmm. Looks like I'm still having issues with fpms saying they sent to "N/A (not sent)". The last time that happened the message apparently did go through though, so it may just be a harmless quirk.
Hmm. I am seeing that too. I did some test FPMs, and I received them fine, so I thought everything was cool, until I went to my sent items. That is showing "N/A Not Sent".

I will work on this! It is an annoying glitch, and I can pretty much confirm at this point it is a result of running the site on the updated version of PHP.
Oh, I just went to use the Events Calendar and saw a bunch of errors at the top of the page. The calendar itself seemed to work fine though.
To fix the forum issues (and the events calendar is a part of the forum) I will need to take the forums offline for maintenance. I am thinking late Sunday would be good for me, so let's go with that!

I'll make up a page for the forums that explains everything for whoever might pop in during that time. I'm sure the latest version of the forum software will fix everything up, though.

Thanks for dealing with the upgrading dust!
Thank YOU for sweeping it up, Noel.
my whole life is thunder.
And lo, the forums were updated.

As you all are no doubt aware, they look a little different. Seems jumping two versions of myBB will make it so that your old themes no longer work. So, we lost some things. I hope it's not too terrible of a change for all of you, and -- as always -- if you notice something off, let me know!
I thought it was pretty! And continue to think it is pretty!
Oh wow. I dig it.

Very Star Trek-esque up in here. Nice work implementing and trouble shooting it, Noel!

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