Farrah Esmail
I have word that Farrah Esmail, a newly arrived Mage in the city was attacked and killed tonight by the Nephandus known as The Artist.

Correspondence, Prime, and Life magick was used in the attack. If you have ways of bolstering your protection in these areas (especially if you have any connection to or have been assisting with the case) you should probably do so as a precaution.

I have this information from Mike MacCarrick, who was Farrah's former mentor. A word about Mike: He has been sustaining mental attacks from The Artist, and is occasionally experiencing blackouts. I believe that the murder of Victor Kozlowski and several others may have been committed by Mike while he was under the influence of The Artist during these blackouts. We are attempting to take care of that, and are calling in help.

It happens after he has let his guard down to sleep, so he is forgoing sleep for the time being, but I do not know how long that tactic will work, or if it will work. He is on our side, but if you notice him behaving in a way that is not his normal (genuinely kind, thankful, helpful) self, use caution.

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