Happy (Late) Annual Turkey Feast Day
I hope you all had all the turkey and whatever form of celebration (or protest) you deemed appropriate.

I am sorry I was unable to join any of you for your holiday festivities. 

I should be returning to Denver soon.  Within the week, I expect.  There were some unexpected developments here.

Definitely in time to get ridiculously excited and decorate trees.  


P.S. - Apparently only Grace and I loved the holiday pinatas.  I will refrain from covering the House in pinatas again.  If for some reason you would like to join us in our gleeful battering of varying paper mache symbols, we will have those at our library rather than at the House.  If that's not your thing, it's okay.  However many pinatas I acquire, I promise you that Grace will be happy to smash them all herself if she must.

You were missed. By the cats, mostly. Because you feed them human food (Persimmon told me, he might have been lying).

I am glad you will be back in time for the season of festive pinatas. And yes, people, I will smash them all if you don't stop by and have at our decorations with a stick. It's what I do.

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