Samir [attn: everyone, really]
Just a heads up if anyone is looking for Samir.

He's currently holed up at my apartment for a while. He and Elijah encountered something in the woods out near Samir's trailer. From what Elijah described, it's definitely not a local. He said it was dressed in a suit, had black skin and no facial features. Suffice to say it's not a friendly and according to Elijah, definitely doesn't belong in this dimension.

Right now I have no idea if this thing is still out there and how big of a threat it poses but I'd advise serious levels of caution if you're out in the woods. Whatever it is, it nearly killed Samir. He's safe for the moment but not exactly in the best headspace. If you need or want to see him, let me know.


[Aka, if anyone needs to see Samir or anyone wants to set scenes in Kiara's apartment while he's there in his Quiet episode for whatever reason, let me know! There is a layout of Kiara's place in my gallery with some pictures and info. Generally speaking if you give me a heads up or IM me, I'll let you know anything that might be relevant. Smile  ]
Holy shit, guys. Again?

If it happens a third time, I'm going to start wondering if our beloved depraved duo is cursed.

I'll stop by. I know this one thing he likes to eat. I know he doesn't want to, but he's gonna.

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