True to his word, Kalen brings no pinatas to the House this year. The tree he brings is not a colossal long-needled affair again; instead, this year there is a live blue spruce, decorated simply with white lights and white ribbon. The stockings from last year (some of which are stockings that pre-date Kalen's decorating and were procured by Shoshannah) are brought out, with new stockings for new additions to Denver. And he brings candles. White candles, red candles, green candles, silver candles, gold candles. They are arranged about the House, alone and in groups. Some are tied with ribbons, silk ribbons, velvet ribbons, satin ribbons.

Stockings are filled, for now, with a small clove stuffed orange, a small gold coin, and a handful of chocolate truffles and peppermints. Kalen leaves space in them in case other people want to add things as well. One way or another though, they'll all be overflowing before Christmas.

[If he has so much as heard your name in connection with Denver, you have a Christmas stocking. Kalen will not let a little thing like animosity dampen his enthusiasm for presents.]

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