City Info Updates
So one of the things that has not been a priority over the last couple of months of WtA discussions and changes is the history portion of things.  Some stuff was considered back in October but the pages have not been updated, history hasn't been disseminated. 

However, since we have new characters starting to play, I wanted to throw a couple of important updates out before trying to write them up all pretty:
  • Cold Crescent doesn't exist anymore.
  • The Pit doesn't exist anymore.
  • 1999 Broadway is no longer Kinfolk-controlled or a gathering place for the Nation.
  • Forgotten Questions, at least in terms of number of Garou/strength of the Garou, is seriously weakened.  If you need a specific answer about what's going on there (or anything else), please let me know ASAFP so I can get you some answers.
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