Jacqui's schedule rn.
Yo party peeps,

So this is just more of a PSA in case we don't talk regularly on AIM and you aren't already aware but: my schedule at the moment is pretty nutso. Work is crazy busy (and my classes resume next week) which means a lot of the time my usual RP hours (very productively done while multi tasking actual work related activities) aren't as readily available to me. AKA: I'm not around US evenings as much as I used to be at the moment which makes RP hard via the chat.

So! Just, if you need/want Kiara or to RP generally with me, the best method right now is probably to either IM me when I surface to schedule something or to drop me an email starter (or do something via the forums). I usually endeavor to reply quite quickly. Hopefully things will calm down soon.



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