Chemistry is the most frustrating flavor of math.
Look.  It is.

So I am busy doing science and applying to grad school.  And I might be cheating on all of you with my TT game.  (Look.  It was wearing really sexy boots.  And I haven't gotten to run a TT game for almost a decade.)

I am probably not bouncing out of here entirely, but I doubt I am going to be exceptionally present again at any point in the near future.

And since after master's degree is currently slotted for law school (you can laugh - I know I did), possibly also the far future.  Because if I survive grad school and law school, I will have no choice but to learn to be a vigilante get a real job.
Hello ix! Sorry we've never really gotten a chance to RP together, but best of luck with everything.

The post grad school job is far, far less miserable than grad school itself, and will leave you time for things again, so take heart!
Aw, I have the sads. But I know how that goes, especially right now as I'm buried in a pile of assignments with nothing but a snorkel for breathing beneath. Do what you gotta and we'll be here when time permits! Smile
Girl, I'm glad I met you and got to play with you when I did get to play with you. You are a beast and school doesn't stand a chance.

[Image: SaQ3XT1.gif]
Look. I have school. And RP. And all my other time is taken up by sheer, unreasoning panic. I don't have time for Reddit.
-- ixphaelaeon
You're amazing! <3 Best of luck, lady, and I'm still around even though we haven't talked in ages.
Kick some butt and take some names, gorgeous!
[Image: nOpPv1z.gif]
It's okay. We are still bffs.
I'll be sorry to be seeing less of you, but it's totally great that things sounds like they're heading in the right direction. Although law school? You know you have to give up your soul or firstborn or something like that, right?

Seriously, though - good luck with it all, and we'll be here when you feel up to playing Smile

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