Mage Game: New Admin + Other Matters
New Admin + Direction of the Game

Hey folks,

As you all know, Howl has decided to step away from the role of Mage Admin.  Obviously, we will all miss our ST.  Fortunately, we have a small but active player base and several people have expressed interest in stepping into the role.  The fact that so many of you were ready and willing to step into the sometimes thankless but always-necessary role of admin is really encouraging.  

Anyway!  I have asked Heather to take the reins and I plan to have her segue into the role toward the end of March / beginning of April.  During the interim, I'll help with any issues that you guys might have and will be working to resolving the outstanding storyline.  

In the meantime, I want to reassure everyone that continuity is very important to me and I believe that Heather shares my commitment to a degree of continuity that respects the game to date, but also allows room for new storytellers and new ideas, new enmities and new stories.  Please also note that Howl would like to remove her NPCs from the game so they will mostly be fading into the background.

This way, Heather will have time to make some of her own plans and dive directly into them.  

So: here are the scenes I'd like to run (or may ask someone else to run for me):

Grace - Grace covers her tracks and gathers information.

Nicholas/Kiara - some sort of spirit questioning / quest / info gathering thing.

Kalen/Sera - scrying to see if they can find a technocratic ally and then Kalen / Sera / Pen - seeking out / negotiating with the ally.

Sepulveda / Kiara with support from the others - RESCUE ALEXANDER (??)

Sepulveda / Kiara / Margot / Ned / Sera / Pen - fake a body / stage a flame-out (with assistance from Annie and Sasha) / scrub the timeline clean of traces of their presence - Concurrent with or after the rescue.

Obviously the first three scenes will guide the the arrangement for the final scenes, but I would like to arrange and get them going as soon as we can.    I'll start a different thread for the scheduling of the scenes.  If anyone involved has any other scenes in mind, please let me know and I will address them.  

- Liz
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