Totem: Merlin

Type: Respect
Cost: 4
Merlin is not the largest of hawks, but he is still swift, fierce, and cunning. He is something of an underdog's champion among totems, counselling that the greatest in size are not always the greatest in spirit. Merlin responds well to courage, and cautions that his children should use cunning before pure aggression, striking swiftly and with wisdom.
Individual Traits: +3 Brawl and +2 Dodge (only when confronting enemies larger than themselves)
Shared Traits: +3 Willpower points per story
Ban: Merlin's children may never kill birds of prey, or their spirits.  Even Wyrm-tainted raptors must be caught and purified if at all possible.

Avery Whitechase, Reverence of Dawn, Radiant Honor [Fostern Silver Fang Philodox] -- ALPHA
Rafaël van der Valk, Bleak Dawn [Cliath Silver Fang Ahroun]
Morgan Roche, Firebrand [Cliath Fianna Ahroun]

Associated Kinfolk
Calden Whitechase, Avery's husband [Fianna Kinfolk]
Assorted members of the White family [Fianna Kinfolk]
Philip Chase, Avery's father [NPC]
Oakley Chase, Avery's brother [NPC]
Several other Silver Fang kinfolk: Avery's staff [NPCs]
Devon Paredes, Rafael's girlfriend [Fianna Kinfolk]

Penthouse in the Highlands [Avery's primary in-town residence].
Cabin getaway outside of Roxborough Park.
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception on East Colfax [Rafael's personal protectorate].
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