The Silver Bough
“It is better to believe in men too rashly, and regret, than believe too meanly. Men could be more than they are, if they would try for it. He has shown them that.”

― Mary Renault, The Persian Boy

Cabal Information
[Image: YVh9e2sDTK_48hnnCiQWj2tCvts7JefaXzWFoS6P...MGdsPY-T2S]

“I do not think that you can be changing the end of a song or a story like that, as though it were quite separate from the rest. I think the end of a story is part of it from the beginning.” 

― Rosemary Sutcliff

Leader: Pen would deny it, but if you asked the other two, it's Pen.

  • Arianna Giametti: Initiate, Order of Hermes bani Bonisagus
  • Nicholas Hyde: Initiate, Chakravanti
  • Penelope Mercury Mars: Disciple, Order of Hermes bani Flambeau


(If you feel like contributing a splash quote or two, please say so.  *grin*)

Places They Can Be Found:
  • The House of Mars and Hyde.  Nick and Pen's house: sitting closer to the outskirts of northeast Denver.
  • Denver General Hospital. Nick works here.
  • Casa di Arianna.  Not far from Nick and Pen’s.  Less land, more modern.
  • Adventure! 
  • Do Goodery! 
  • Magick!

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