Money is How They Keep Score
Somewhere, infinitesimally small, on the surface of a hard disk, is where your worth is recorded. Do you get to survive another day? Another month? The minuscule and impermanent magnetic trace left behind by a write head's actuator may be the only thing that decides if you're worthy enough to. Those little ones and zeroes drive people to madness, to murder, to otherwise inexplicable acts. People craft their whole identities out of those ephemeral bits of data that are just begging for a good hit of solar-storm-induced magnetic flux to come by and erase them. People would be terrified if they knew just how easy it would be for them to become worthless (no, priceless!) But then, the people living right up next to a dam are the ones placidly assured that it will never break.

Grace embodies the promise that it will.

Someday, water will flow downhill. Someday, your false worth will be erased. It was always a lie, anyway, along with any source of worthiness that didn't come from within.

She's not going to singlehandedly zero out the balances of everyone's bank accounts just yet, though. Call this a slow leak. Payback, in a way. Here, a porn company specializing in young women, with many claims on their heads that they force people to sign their contracts. Here, a company that's decided the EPA fines and bribes are more worthwhile than properly disposing of wastewater that pours downstream into the backyards of people whose skin isn't light enough for them to care about. Here, a patent troll whose bottom line solely consists of the settlements from lawsuits or threats -- "Stop using our patented design, or else!" They never actually use the patents they hold. Grace has a list of targets. It's very long. They are all abhorrent. They have all become rich by crushing some powerless other.

The list has been carefully curated. Some companies are too organized when she studies them. Some have decent security and oversight. Some just give her the creeps when she looks into them. All of her targets are small enough not to be missed should they fall flat on their face as a result of her work, and she sincerely hopes that they do. They are all weak. Worthless. They all deserve to die.

The idea is theft. Identity theft. Accounts zeroed out (as long as they aren't large enough to flag a thorough review) because it will appear as though a company representative ordered something embarrassing on the Darknet, filling Grace's prepared Bytecoin wallets. Bytecoin which will be used exclusively to buy Monero, finally being converted back into dollars via charitable donations, only some of which will end up in Grace's lap. A slice off of a larger slice. Even still, it should add up. With a little Magick, it should be untraceable.

In the end, it's all just a number in a database, held back by a dam. And some dams are about to crack.


Grace @ 11:54AM
[Life 2, Entropy 3, Forces 2 and Corr 3 -- Plant-Based Quantum Computing. Diff 6 - 1 (personalized instrument) - 1 (taking time)]
Roll: 3 d10 TN4 (7, 8, 10) ( success x 3 )

Grace @ 11:54AM
[Extend! With WP!]
Roll: 3 d10 TN5 (2, 4, 6) ( success x 2 ) [WP]

Grace @ 11:55AM
[Once more!]
Roll: 3 d10 TN5 (1, 3, 10) ( success x 2 ) [WP]

the devil @ 11:55AM
BAM! Glorious.

Grace @ 11:58AM
[And now for the computer rolls for all this thievery.]
[Int + Computer = Hacking a patent troll. Diff = 8 - 3 (Chloe IV). Creative speciality.]
Roll: 9 d10 TN5 (1, 3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 7, 8) ( success x 5 ) [Doubling Tens]

Grace @ 12:00PM
[Int + Computer = Hacking an evil corporation. Diff = 9-3 (Chloe IV). Creative specialty.]
Roll: 9 d10 TN6 (1, 4, 5, 7, 7, 8, 8, 9, 9) ( success x 6 ) [Doubling Tens]

the devil @ 12:05PM
Grace, you are a beast.

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