Sage and Ward [Margot Mood]
It was a break in the storm, both literally and metaphorically. The only window was open to let the clean air flow in.  Water dripped from the panes and collected on the window sill below.  The air was chilly but clean and fresh, and the apartment gulped it greedily while cycling out the smell of smoke and stale air from within.

Margot was burning a bundle of sage in a wooden bowl sat in the center of her coffee table.  She tried to make it do something tangible, something real, but just didn't know how just yet.  It wound up being more like a prayer, and she supposed that was as good as anything right now.

She'd returned to her apartment with plans to gather some clothes and personal necessities (including Yorick, for later delivery), and felt an uncomfortable dread when she initially gathered her things to go.  A sense of something left unaccomplished, something dangerous and important.  She'd checked the balcony and oven and stove burners but nothing.

A ward.

And so, the witch tried her hand.  She'd walked the walls and carried the sage along with, pacing herself to give the smoke a chance to grab hold.  Fortunately the space was small, and even if she did take her time she was back to the couch and settled down within five minutes.  And there she remained, unmoved, staring at the smoke sworling up from the dish as though she could read something out of it.  She had half a mind to go and try her hand at entropy-- prediction, through the ears of her faithful Rabbit; she had been reading into the subject here and there, flirting with the concept of really tackling the Sphere when--

bzzzzz-bzzzzt bzzzzz-bzzzzt!

Margot jerked from her wandering introspection hard enough that her knee banged on the table.  She cursed and rubbed it and glanced down at the screen.  Her eyes widened.

Luke, read the screen.

She snatched up the phone and hastily ignored the call, then tucked the device between her knees and closed her eyes.  Tipped her head to the ceiling and breathed.  In-and-out, in-and-out.


Margot peeked at the screen and blanched at what she saw.  Again, the name Luke, and a picture of a road sign that placed him 56 miles out from Pittsburgh.   Coming to visit.

Though there was an urge to fling her phone across the room she resisted it.  Closed her eyes again and turned the phone off completely before setting it screen-down on the sofa seat beside her.  Took a breath and stood up, carried the sage and bowl along with her to the kitchenette, and lied to herself about whether her hands were shaking or not as she doused the sage in the sink.

The phone would remain off in her pocket for the rest of the afternoon while she dropped Yorick off at his temporary home ('for the week', she assured the caregiver), and was only turned back on when she was reminded by someone to do so, or the next morning otherwise.  She didn't want any more messages the rest of that day.


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