Analog Mail [attn. Ned]
Grace is one to keep her promises.

A few days after her last conversation with Ned, she drops off a letter to the P.O. box address he gave her. It doesn't go through the regular mail -- this is a manual delivery.

He'll also get a text that reads: "I dropped a letter off for you."

The letter itself? Much more verbose. It's not handwritten, because Grace can't manage much better than illegibile in that capacity, so this is a printout.

It reads:

First things first, I want to go on the record as having complained about needing to print this out and sneakernet it just to stymie the fucking Techs. May they rot in Hell.

I traced the hair sample. It led to a bleached-blonde guy who looked like a trust fund kid having a night out with some similar trust fund kids.

Couldn't find any ID on him, but found a weird card that read "Peregrine" and a credit card belonging to Elizabeth Palor -- who is not him, or any of the victims. Relative, perhaps? His friends seem to call him "Wiley".

He had an interesting conversation with his girlfriend, which might be good for somebody else to follow up on. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't think either of us is really up to the task of sitting down with Miss Girlfriend and having a nice chat. I would probably fuck it all up, and you would probably insult her lineage down to her great great grandmother on accident.

Gist of the conversation was that he "got in" somewhere -- presumably "Peregrine" because he showed her the card as proof. She asked about La Croix (which is the name of one of the victims) and he shook his head, sadly. They were really happy about him "getting in" though, like this was a major monetary or social boon.

At no point did I get the feeling that he was a Mage or that he had any idea I was spying on him. That was actually a bit of a surprise, considering what we know about the murders, but something is definitely off about him. I have also run into Mage hunters before who were simply Sleepers with chips on their shoulders and access to hypertech devices and biotech -- this could be something similar. Or, perhaps our real target is using this poor guy as a scapegoat.

I'm going to ask a contact I know in Colorado Springs about Peregrine, Wiley, and La Croix, and see if I can't make better sense of this with some local knowledge. 

Bear in mind, this guy may not be a murderer, or he may be one of many. We need to know for sure what we're dealing with before we act, and show our hand.

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